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Safe & Resilient

Our data collection systems are designed to be fast, secure, and always online.

Webtrends has data collection centers in the United States and Europe connected by a secure private network.  Your data is always encrypted at rest and in transit.



How we Collect and Report Data

Step 1

User visits website

Step 2

Webtrends JavaScript tag collects data

The Webtrends JavaScript tag runs in the browser and collects data from the browser.

Browser data examples

IP address: (you can mask this to 192.167.1.x)
Page URL: /sitename/SitePages/Home.aspx
Screen Resolution: 1920×1080
Custom parameter: (anything you want)

Step 3

Data is sent to Webtrends

The data is sent to a Webtrends data collection center via a secure HTTPS GET request from the browser that returns a clear 1×1 gif image. The GET request includes the analytics data in the form of query parameters. Data is typically sent to the fastest (usually nearest to the browser) data collection point.

Step 4

Data is Analyzed

Within minutes, data is securely moved from our global collection centers to our processing facility in the United States. Data is then analyzed and is made available for viewing within a few hours.

Step 5

View Reports

Reports are available to view online or exported to many formats such as csv and pdf. Data can also be viewed in Microsoft PowerBI.

Analytics for:

Web Apps

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