Webtrends Analytics On-Premises 9.4.1

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Security Updates
  • Replacing outdated Java JRE to use current version of OpenJDK (Issue 3218)
Installation Updates
  • Updating installer to use SQL Server Express 2019 (Issue 3036)
  • Fixing bugs found in installer for DX API Keymetrics (Issues 1138 and 2987)
Reporting Updates
  • Fixing Scheduled Report errors due to CharToByte class deprecation (Issue 293)

Webtrends Analytics On-Premises 9.5

ETA: September 2023

Security Updates
  • Misc security updates (Issues 613, 2607, 2608, 3048)
Installation Updates
  • Fixing issue where special characters in server names cause software to fail (Issue 613)
Reporting Updates
  • Report Exporter deprecation (Issue 3219)
  • Update to clean up “Run Once” scheduled reports sent via email (Issue 3158)
  • Removal of Java/Flash dependent UI options (Performance Dashboards, etc) (Issue 2381)
  • Miscellaneous UI errors and updates (Issue 107, 1926, 3183)

Coming Soon:

Updated API
  • More options for data retrieval, including special reporting types like Path Analysis and Scenario Analysis
React Based Reporting Interface
  • Lightweight user interface that will bring a fresh design to report viewing
Bounce Rate Measures
  • New Bounce Rate, Single Page View Visit, and Entry Page Visit measures

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