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Cookie Settings

  • The types of cookies Webtrends and others may place on your device are described below.
  • Webtrends will read or set only the types of cookies that are strictly necessary or specifically allowed by your preference settings.
  • Webtrends allows you to specify your preferences for the types of non-strictly-necessary cookies that are set on your device from our Sites through the Webtrends cookie management tool.
  • When you specify your preferences through our tool, Webtrends will place a special cookie on your device. This cookie will only be used to remember your preferences so that you don’t have to specify it for each visit. This special cookie is considered a strictly necessary cookie. If you delete this cookie, your preferences will no longer be recognized, and Webtrends will request that you reset your consent preferences.
  • Cookies set by our Sites prior to your specifying your preferences will remain on your device but Webtrends will not access or use those non-strictly-necessary cookies. You may remove them using functionality provided by your browser. Please note that cookies are specific to the browser or device you use, as well as to the domain, and you will therefore have to specify your preferences again if you change your browser or device, or visit a different domain.
  • You may change your consent settings by following the directions included here. Any specific questions regarding these consent settings may be sent to support@webtrends.com.
Cookie Types

Webtrends sets the following types of cookies for the following purposes.

  • Strictly Necessary Cookies – These cookies are necessary to facilitate basic site functionality, such as:
    • remembering log-in state and provide security
    • remembering transaction in progress
  • Functional Cookies – These cookies facilitate additional site features for enhanced performance and functionality such as:
    • remembering preferences,
    • allowing social interactions,
    • analyzing usage for site optimization providing custom content
    • allowing third parties to provide social sharing tools
    • serving images or videos from third party websites
  • Webtrends Marketing Cookies – Webtrends use these cookies to provide you with marketing material relevant to the interests you express on our sites. Example of functionality allowed:
    • Emailing you with interest-based offers for Webtrends products and services
    • Third Party Advertising Cookies – These cookies are used by third parties to serve advertising relevant to your interests.