Keep Your Data Safe In Your Environment

Webtrends On-Premises software gives you full control over your data. It is hosted on your own servers for peace-of-mind.

Metrics Tailored Specifically for SharePoint

Our SharePoint advanced tracking JavaScript captures many actions missed by general purpose tagging solutions. Out-of-the-box reports provide metrics on Content, Documents, Engagement, People, Search, Technology, and Traffic.

Harness the Power of
Analytics For SharePoint®

You are in Control with
our Analytics Dashboard

Easily view and monitor the metrics you care about most for your sites. Create and customize dashboards in order to build a complete picture of your users and content in order to improve communication efforts.

Our Reports are Customized
to Your Needs

With a wealth of out-of-the-box reports, Webtrends offers the leading measurement solution for SharePoint, delivering user-specific metrics to assess ROI, drive migration strategies, and validate enterprise social in your intranet environment.

Examples of Out-of-Box Reports:

On-Site Search Phrases: Clickthroughs
Discover which content is being found via search and which is not.

Link Tracking: Link Titles
See a ranked list of links clicked to identify popular and unpopular content to optimize navigation, site layout, and design decisions.

User Drill Down
Quickly identify site usage at various organizational levels broken down by user attributes: department, job title, name, or user login.”

Review all Out-of-the-Box Reports

Improve Search
Through Analytics

Are your users finding what they are searching for? By measuring search effectiveness, you can improve current content and create new content. Webtrends offers several different reports to help you understand search patterns, effective and ineffective search terms, and efficiencies in locating and finding content.

Drive Better Communication
Through Activity Metrics

With Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint, ensure your workforce is consuming and engaging your content and messages. Run reports on consumption by content, user, location, department, tagged areas of emails and newsletters. Having all of this information can help you rein in inconsistent marketing and communication practices across your organization.

Measure Adoption
to Improve Engagement

Enact targeted adoption and sustained engagement strategies to improve SharePoint usage and ROI. Pinpoint adoption by reporting on new and returning user metrics, even down to the specific user or up to the division or group.

Data in Your Hands

It’s your data, use how you want. Download your data to XML, JSON, CSV, Excel, or Power BI on demand or schedule a time in advance. You can also download the report in PDF format and create email links as well. We offer a customizable REST URL to export your data in your required format.

Support Packages

Essential Care

Included with License

Support for non-critical use cases during extended USA business hours.

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Adds 24/7 emergency support and faster response times.

Case Studies by Discipline

Corporate Communications

How Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint will help your corporate communications team ensure your organization is reading and engaging with the latest strategies and policies, and to validate which channels and communication vehicles are engaging employees.

Human Resources

How Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint will help your HR team optimize content, helping employees get answers to simple questions without having to pick up the phone or send an email.

Information Technology

How Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint will help your IT team optimize search experience, helping employees find information quickly without having to manually search multiple siloed systems and switching back and forth multiple times, or involving IT or other departments


How Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint will help your marketing team ensure your organization is taking advantage of the latest in marketing messaging and practices, and to validate which channels and marketing vehicles are engaging employees.


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