Measure Everything

Our data collection methods give you the whole picture without data sampling. Track button clicks or any user action you like, even individual steps of your sales funnel. We have action tracking built right in, but you can use highly extensible custom parameters. Get the full view of what’s happening on your web application, no matter how simple or complicated.

Complete Control

Webtrends Analytics On Demand allows you to have full control over your Analytics Data.  We don’t aggregate or sell your data, period. You can even download the raw log data if you want.

Harness the
Power of Analytics

You are in Control with
our Analytics Dashboard

Easily view and monitor the metrics you care about most for your site(s). Pre-built dashboards give you immediate insight into visitor, visit, and page view counts. Add widgets to see who referred them, and where they are geographically, all in an easy to digest display. If you need more, create and customize a dashboard for you and your organization. Easily connect reports within and outside of Webtrends, to build a complete picture of your data and share with others.

Our Reports are Customized
to Your Needs

We offer dozens of out-of-the-box Web Application-specific reports and have easily-configured customization options so you always have a way to match your specific needs and environment.

Examples of Out-of-the-Box Reports:

Identify the highest performing e-mail and paid advertising campaigns. Attribute return behavior, so you can capture true performance, even if they don’t convert on the first visit.

Traffic Sources
Identify the sources of traffic to your web application such as Paid Search, Organic Search, Referring Sites, or Other Campaigns. Knowing the source of your traffic empowers you to plan your marketing activities.

Mobile: Device Types
Webtrends utilizes industry leading lookup technology to provide information not only on the browser that the user is using, but what type of device, and the model of the device itself. 

We Help You Improve Your Internal Search
Through Analytics

Are your users finding what they are searching for? We offer many reports to help you understand search patterns, effective and ineffective terminology, and best path to finding content. By understanding top searches you can improve current content and create new content that is easy to find.

Custom Reporting

Custom reporting allows you to create meaningful sets of data for your organization. You can even track custom parameters and tie that data to built-in dimensions. Custom reports allow you to configure your reporting to see your data in the way that makes most sense to you.

Measure Adoption
to Improve Engagement

Enact targeted adoption and sustained engagement strategies to improve your web application usage and ROI. Pinpoint adoption by reporting on new and returning user metrics, scenario analysis, and the geographical location of your users.

Put Data in Your Hands
with our Exports

Download your data to XML, JSON, HTML, or CSV.  Our simple REST Generator allows you find the data you want and create URLs that can be plugged straight into Excel or PowerBI.  Reports can also be scheduled to be delivered in advance using Scheduled Reports. You can also download the report in CSV or PDF format directly from the user interface. Your data, your reports, your way.

Support Packages

Essential Care

Included with License

Support for non-critical use cases during extended USA business hours.

Premium Care

Optional Add-On

Adds 24/7 emergency support and faster response times.

Analytics for:

Web Apps

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