Analytics Dashboards

  • Unlimited number of custom dashboards

  • Key metrics, user adoption, document actions, social and geo maps, word clouds and more

  • Connected reports

Standard & Custom Reports

  • Quick time-to-value with dozens of out-of-the-box SharePoint-specific reports

  • Unlimited custom reporting available

  • Designed specifically for SharePoint environments

Data Export

  • Customizable REST URL to export data in your required format

  • XML, JSON, CSV, Excel and Power BI formats available on demand or scheduled

  • Create Email link

  • Download report in PDF format

Adoption Measurement

  • New and returning user metrics, including specific location, division and users

  • Ability to enact targeted adoption and sustained engagement strategies

Content Activity Metrics

  • Identifies how users access, share, comment on and use specific content

  • Ascertains duration, activity and trends

  • Enables management of workflow, content surfacing and archival of favored or inactive assets

  • Track navigation effectiveness with link click tracking

Search Effectiveness

  • Reports on user search patterns, effective and ineffective terminology, and efficiencies in retrieving desired assets

  • Measure to optimize Search effectiveness for popular targets