T-Mobile UK Turns to Webtrends to Increase Revenue Significantly While Preventing Millions in Fraud

T-Mobile Client Success Story

“We see Webtrends as a partner, one that is very responsive to our needs. We draw Webtrends into our strategic planning sessions to see how we can leverage new products to achieve business goals.”

Andrew Winton | T-Mobile UK, Online Sales Channel Manager

The Client

T-Mobile is the largest mobile network in the United Kingdom with customers numbering in the millions. Its online shopping website sees transactions in the millions as well — in the number of visitors, webpage views, transactions and conversions.

The Challenge

With such a high rate of online activity, T-Mobile sees three challenges important to their ability to grow revenue while managing risk:

  1. Drive quality visitors to the website and create a rich shopping experience. Keeping customers engaged on T-Mobile online channels is vital to growing conversion rates and brand loyalty.
  2. Analyze visitor behaviors that affect conversions and respond quickly to trends. Being able to change processes or content that are having a negative effect or not getting expected results is vital to T-Mobile’s sales goals.
  3. Improve fraud prevention systems. Online credit card fraud is an enormous problem for all companies as violators use more sophisticated methods. With an unusually high number of credit card actions originating in countries known as hubs for online fraud, T-Mobile needed a method for identifying a fraudulent situation before it took place, which required more than just relying on security software.

The Solution

T-Mobile turned to Webtrends Analytics to understand visitor behavior across online channels. By analyzing what visitors respond to — as well as what they don’t — the online sales team was able to make changes throughout their website, providing relevant content, banners and offers, all of which improve conversion rates.

When the company experienced a sudden 20 percent drop in checkout completion in a single month, the IT team utilized Webtrends Analytics to track customer behavior. They found that a multi-stage checkout process, implemented in a new release cycle, was causing higher rates of abandoned carts. The team compared the new process to a single page checkout process and found that the single page checkout drew significantly more conversions.

Webtrends reports showed a great number of T-Mobile customers were from foreign countries. In an innovative use of Analytics, T-Mobile compared that data with information provided by the company’s order tracking software. They discovered a group of customers using UK-based credit and address information actually had IP addresses originating in countries known as hubs for online fraud. T-Mobile was able to quickly prevent further risks.

The Results

Webtrends Analytics enabled T-Mobile to increase their online conversion rates.

“For a company as large as ours, this increase translates to millions of pounds in revenue over an annualized period,” said Andrew Winton, Online Sales Channel Manager for T-Mobile.

Being able to analyze a sudden drop in checkout completion enabled T-Mobile to turn around a bad situation quickly. With data available 24/7 from Webtrends Analytics, the team could respond within days instead of weeks and right a wrong that could have had a huge impact on the bottom line.

By identifying sources of potential fraud in online transactions, T-Mobile was able to save millions of pounds in fraudulent sales. Had these transactions completed, it would have had a massive impact on the business. Instead, the data not only gave T-Mobile a new level of security management, it enabled them to notify the retail and telemarketing units of possible fraud attempts.

Winton summarizes the company’s relationship with Webtrends: “Time and again, Webtrends delivers significant impact to our business.”