Renault Uncovers ROI of Engagement with Webtrends

Renault Client Success Story

“The most important or difficult thing is to have a vision, a strategy, an idea and relentlessly pursue that vision. Following a thorough review of the vendors in the market place, Webtrends stood out as a supplier who shared that vision.”

Andy Holmes | eCommerce Manager, Renault

The Challenge

As budgets become tighter, businesses demand a greater return on investment (ROI) from their online marketing. For carmaker Renault, this meant quantifying the value of customer interactions that occur on its website. Although customers can’t purchase a car at, the site generates value in other ways. It is a primary source of information about Renault products and services, and generates brand awareness, customer loyalty and – most importantly – customer leads for Renault dealers. However, the aggregate/collective analytics that Renault used to measure total visitors and visits on its website didn’t provide the detailed insight necessary to determine how online marketing investments influence bottomline results.

The Solution

Webtrends consultants worked closely with Renault UK to determine key performance indicators (KPIs) that align site activities with the automaker’s broader business goals. They also deployed Webtrends Analytics and provided ongoing guidance and support. Webtrends visitor-centric tracking, advanced segmentation and patented method of scoring make it possible for Renault to measure and monetize every action that customers take on the site. Each online request for a test drive, customer lead or other direct response generated by the site now has a quantifiable value in pounds sterling, based on the likelihood of that response generating a sale. The value of “softer” metrics such as engagement and the amount of time a person spends on the site is determined by their relation to direct response and other activities. Drop-down boxes within the Webtrends interface provide Andy Holmes, Renault UK’s ecommerce manager, a convenient way to compare the actions of different customer segments. He also can generate daily reports that identify the visitors who are most interested in purchasing a car. Scores are determined by the relative value of a customer’s online activities, such as the number of times the person visited the site in the past month; the product demos viewed; or the model, engine size or even the color of the cars investigated on the site. The visitors with the highest scores can then be targeted with special emails or other offers.

The Results

Renault’s Internet marketing team now treats its website as if it were a commerce site, with the ‘product’ being a lead that Renault then provides to a dealer. This, in turn, allows the team to calculate a direct line back to investment on every piece of online marketing or other investments in site functionality and content. “We needed more measurement and more information than purely aggregated counts of visits and visitors,” Holmes said. “Webtrends has successfully provided transparency in terms of actually working out what the Renault site does. In our case, that has meant monetizing the generation of a lead and engagement parameters.”