Webtrends Helps PetEdge Increase Profitability With Easy-to-Integrate Solution

PetEdge Client Success Story

“We decided to use Webtrends because they integrate well with our new web platform and they work well with Silverpop, our email service provider.”

Warren Colter | VP of Marketing, PetEdge

The Client

PetEdge is a leading wholesaler of pet care products. The company’s Direct Marketing Division focuses on direct sales to groomers, veterinarians and other pet professionals. Its website, petedge.com, acts as an important sales funnel and underwent a full site redesign in 2013.

The Challenge

The digital environment at PetEdge experienced significant transformation in 2013 as the company moved to a new web platform and completed a full website redesign that transitioned from an http to https site. Unfortunately, an unexpected integration issue with the company’s previous analytics package proved costly – both in time and money.

“We found that our analytics vendor did not integrate with the web platform as readily as expected,” said Warren Colter, Vice President of Marketing for PetEdge. “We were unable to see website customer data.”

In addition to losing visibility of key metrics, PetEdge was also unable to continue its profitable abandoned cart email remarketing program.

The Solution

PetEdge selected Webtrends Analytics® as its cross-channel measurement solution.

“We decided to use Webtrends because they integrate well with our web platform and they work well with Silverpop, our email service provider,” said Colter.

Webtrends uses an open architecture for its solutions, which means it can integrate with any technology and partner ecosystem that a company selects. And, because deploying Webtrends technology is easy and has minimal IT impact, PetEdge was able to get its analytics back up and running in a short period of time.

The Results

Colter and his team at PetEdge have resumed their data-driven marketing programs with Webtrends.

“We use Webtrends to measure our volume, sources of traffic and the KPIs associated with the traffic,” said Colter. “We’ve also been able to resume our regular reporting using insights and data gathered from creating customized dashboards and reports. We look at the performance of natural search along with specific email campaigns so that we can determine the best promotional targeting approaches.”

Colter said he also appreciates the more intuitive dashboards with suggested insights available with Webtrends that he did not have with the previous analytics solution.

The email remarketing program at PetEdge has returned to its highest profitability levels as shoppers who leave clippers, shampoo, equipment and other pet care products in their carts receive a timely message encouraging them to return to the site to make a purchase.

“We are really happy with the flexibility of Webtrends and the benefits we are experiencing,” said Colter.