Credit Union Selects Webtrends for Ease of Use, Granularity of Data

PenFed Client Success Story

“After seeing what Webtrends Analytics could do for us in terms of the granularity of data and the ease of reporting, it was a great time to make a switch.”

Jenni Kirkruff | Manager of Online Experience, Pentagon Federal Credit Union

The Client

Established in 1935, Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed) is the third largest credit union in the United States. The company offers its members mortgages, automobile loans, credit cards, checking and a wide range of other services.

PenFed’s marketing team works to drive current and prospective members to its website at Reviewing, analyzing and taking action on data collected by Webtrends has become an important part of the company’s overall marketing strategy.

The Challenge

Jenni Kirkruff, PenFed’s Manager of Online Experience, is responsible for overseeing the design, performance and strategy of the credit union’s website, She’s tasked with creating an online experience that helps to increase applications for the credit union’s many services, including loans and credit cards. To do so, she needs to fully understand the customer journey, pinpointing which advertising channels drive them to the site and where (and why) some drop out of the application process. It’s also vital to business that she understand how the various advertising channels are performing on an in-depth basis.

“We need to track our marketing campaigns, understand consumer behavior and ensure that our online application flow is as user friendly as possible,” said Kirkruff, who has been with PenFed for more than a decade. “Without quality analytics, there’s no way to assign value to the website.”

Kirkruff describes PenFed’s previous analytics provider as “clunky” and difficult to manage for their ever-evolving needs. That’s when she went looking for a new solution that could meet their requirements for a highly granular, user-friendly platform.

The Solution

In 2013, Kirkruff led PenFed’s switch from its previous analytics provider to Webtrends after she was introduced to the solution at the Ektron Synergy Conference.

“After seeing what Webtrends Analytics could do for us in terms of the granularity of data and the ease of reporting, it was a great time to make a switch,” said Kirkruff.

The Webtrends team worked closely with PenFed to seamlessly integrate the analytics solution into each of the credit union’s digital channels. In addition to, all social channels and mobile applications for iPhone and Android are now tracked with Webtrends.

“I went through the Webtrends’ training, which was excellent,” said Kirkruff. “I can create the types of reports that are important to us at any time. But, the user interface from Webtrends is simple enough that even people with little experience can work with the data. It’s very user friendly.

“The more information, the merrier,” she continued. “We look at data on a very granular level and I believe you can never have too much. We decide exactly which reports are important to us and can slice and dice to meet our needs.”

The Results

PenFed has an extensive advertising program using traditional print, billboard, radio, television, mailings, external online advertising, as well as digital marketing through paid search, ad/key word, social and more.

“We use Webtrends on every piece of creative out there,” said Kirkruff. “For any piece of advertising that routes back to, we can see all the data through Webtrends. We use vanity urls for print ads so that we can assess the success of every campaign.”

Kirkruff said PenFed was able to take quick action based on insights provided by Webtrends on a recent marketing campaign done in partnership with one of their affiliated companies.

“We partnered with the company to drive potential customers to our website in an effort to get them to apply for a branded credit card,” explained Kirkruff. “We quickly saw through analytics that we were not getting the rate of return we expected. So, we took action by revamping the landing page and shortening the application process. We could see immediately that our conversion rates went up.”

According to Kirkruff, data plays an important role in the decision making process for all advertising purchases. “We know exactly what outperforms – from different publications to digital to social and so on,” she said. Kirkruff and her team are looking forward to implementing another Webtrends solution, Optimize, to develop a more in-depth testing and targeting program.

Webtrends optimization experts help to improve conversions, with the ability to optimize the application/sales funnel, landing pages, calls-to-action and more through multivariate and A/B testing. “We’re excited about the integration of Optimize into our website,” said Kirkruff. “This will allow for us to perform testing across the board with a greater ease on our site than ever before.”