Company Dedicated to Innovation Relies on Partnership With Webtrends

MindJet Client Success Story

“The results through Optimize were fantastic. We had a 303 percent increase in conversions, which we predict will add 1,800 more visitors going through to our shopping cart each month. ”

Austin Walne | Product Manager for Customer Acquisition and Monetization Mindjet

The Client

San Francisco-based Mindjet has made waves around the globe for its innovation management software. Many of the world’s leading brands use Mindjet to help unleash the creativity of their employees, customers and partners to find the transformative ideas that drive growth. Mindjet calls this ‘repeatable innovation,’ and its enterprise-ready innovation management suite, featuring SpigitEngage and MindManager, is used by millions and more than 83 percent of the Fortune 100.

In 2013, Mindjet selected Webtrends out of a field of contenders to enhance its digital properties through analytics, website optimization and search and social marketing services.

The Challenge

Like most B2B companies, qualified sales leads are paramount to business at Mindjet. Many of those leads come through, making the website’s functionality, performance and content high on the list of business priorities.

“At Mindjet, we have several lines of business that really rely on the website to drive leads for our sales reps as well as drive trials and conversions to ecommerce purchases,” said Felicity Wohltman, VP of Marketing and Strategy for Mindjet. “We were looking for a partner who could work with us on supplying the software and services to help optimize our website and our digital marketing in general.”

Another challenge Wohltman and others set out to overcome had less to do with technology and more to do with personal opinions.

“When it came to the website, we had a lot of cooks in the kitchen,” recalled Wohltman. “Even though Mindjet is a very data driven company, almost no one can resist applying their personal opinions to how the website should look and how our marketing campaigns should be structured.”

Wohltman said she and her colleagues would debate messaging, design elements, calls-to-actions and any number of issues related to the website.

“We didn’t have the in-house expertise to do some of the multivariate testing and analysis that would really yield the concrete metrics we needed to optimize the website. We needed facts and science to guide our decisions,” said Wohltman.

The Solution

In early 2013, Mindjet completed its extensive search for a new analytics and website optimization vendor.

“Right from the start, Webtrends was at the top of our list because of its reputation for providing both software and services – and we wanted both components,” said Wohltman.

Austin Walne, Mindjet’s Product Manager for Customer Acquisition and Monetization, helped with the vendor selection process and has been working with Webtrends closely ever since.

“My primary role is to find more customers and give those customers the best possible experiences on all of our digital properties,” said Walne. “Webtrends is a great tool to help understand how customers are using our website, how we can improve their experiences and to generate better results for our business.”

In addition to using Webtrends Analytics and SEO/SEM services, Mindjet has adopted a comprehensive online testing program using Webtrends Optimize.

“Webtrends Optimize is a great tool to help us validate our assumptions and test our hypotheses on the website,” said Walne. “We can test elements (messaging, buttons, design, etc) all over the site. It’s a very sophisticated tool that lets us run A/B, split and multivariate tests, allowing us to reach statistically significant results in a very short amount of time.”

The Results

Optimize has produced a number of “big winner” tests for Mindjet recently, resulting in direct increases to the company’s bottom line.

One test – an A/B experiment on Mindjet’s Buy Page – compared a radically simpler page design to what was currently appearing the website. The hypothesis was that the new page would outperform the control page because visitors would be less distracted.

“The results through Optimize were fantastic,” said Walne. “We had a 303 percent increase in conversions, which we predict will add 1,800 more visitors going through to our shopping cart each month.”

Wohltman praised the results of another test – this one on the company’s Trial Form Page – that used a multivariate approach (testing eight different element combinations on the page) to determine the best design and messaging to inspire visitors to sign up for a free trial of Mindjet’sindustry-leading mind mapping software.

At the end of a 15-day testing period, the winning combination demonstrated a 22 percent higher form completion rate as compared to the original page design. Wohltman was impressed by the results, which equate to about 90 more leads each month for Mindjet, but said what really stood out was the teamwork demonstrated by Webtrends.

“The consultants seem to be thinking about us all the time,” she explained. “They come up with ideas and offered a hypothesis about the Trial Form Page and then worked with us to take the right actions.”

Walne agreed about the value of partnership.

“One of the great things about working with Webtrends is not only the technically sophisticated tools they provide, but it’s really the great team that we work with,” he said. “It feels like they are plugged in with our own teams – not just vendors that we have a weekly call with. We involve them with all our initiatives early on in the process and that leads to a much more successful working relationship.”

As for those website debates that previously challenged the Mindjet team, Optimize has solved the problem. “With Optimize, we don’t rely on opinions or who is the better arguer in a meeting,” said Walne. “We can test ideas and implement them on the fly – no endless cycles of debate. It’s been really successful for us.”