Legal Brand Marketing

Legal Brand Marketing Client Success Story

“The new landing page has helped so much. In the previous month, we had 15 valid leads through the form. Once we implemented the page, we had 37 valid leads through the form. That’s fantastic!”

Darbi Michel | Director of Marketing | LBM

The Client

Legal Brand Marketing (LBM) is a full-service marketing company focused on helping law firms. LBM was founded in 2004, originally as a directory of DUI attorneys.

One of the primary services LBM offers is connecting attorneys with qualified client leads. Through the website, LBM connects people accused of driving under the influence to a national association of qualified DUI defense lawyers. LBM has matched more than 180,000 people with localattorneys.

The Challenge

Search engine marketing is a critical component of LBM’s overall marketing strategy. The company must attract quality leads for its member attorneys at a low enough cost-per-lead to still return a profit. Within recent years, the search landscape for LBM has changed due to Google’s shift toward giving local results more weight than in the past. More individual lawyers launching their own campaigns has also created a challenge for LBM’s business.  To stay competitive, LBM wanted to reduce its overall cost per lead and improve the quality of those individual leads.

The Solution

LBM selected Webtrends to manage its search and social marketing campaigns for multiple domains including The efforts were led by the Webtrends Search & Social Marketing team – an in-house agency of marketing experts that provides campaign set up and ongoing support for search engine optimization, pay per click and social. The team also helps clients with campaign strategy, keyword research, custom reporting, creative optimization, landing page testing and performance analysis.

“Webtrends found that mobile offered the best ROI for us,” said Darbi Michel, Director of Marketing for LBM. “So we shifted the majority of our budget to a mobile-only campaign.”

During the mobile campaign, click-to-call phone extensions were placed in the ads and Google call forwarding was also used. This allowed Webtrends to track additional data such as the call time and length of each call. The campaigns took advantage of the all-hours phone service at LBM and ran 24 hours a day.

Some of the findings from the campaign included:

  • Calls lasting more than 100 seconds typically result in a new lead, which allowed for real-time reporting of phone conversions.
  • Geographical areas with lower populations, during non-peak hours, drove the lowest cost per lead.
  • The development of a mobile optimized landing page that included a mobile friendly form and a second opportunity for the visitor to click-to-call resulted in higher conversion rates.
  • Adding a zip code search form and links to alternative options for support improved the user experience and click through rate for the brand name searches.

The Results

Michel and her team at LBM were pleased with the strategy work, campaign implementation and general teamwork with Webtrends. Some of the results include:

  • The new mobile strategy improved click-through rates by 89 percent.
  • After the complete shift to mobile-only marketing, cost per lead decreased to less than half of what it was for desktops.
  • The client found that the phone call leads were more qualified than those submitted through the online form.

“The new landing page has helped so much,” said Michel. “In the previous month, we had 15 valid leads through the form. Once we implemented the page, we had 37 valid leads through the form. That’s fantastic!”