La Quinta Turns Lookers into Bookers with Webtrends Analytics

La Quinta Client Success Story

“Webtrends has given us a better way of spending our marketing dollars, and the better I spend them and create Return On Investment, the better off we are as a business.”

Ted Schweitzer | Director, e-Commerce, La Quinta

The Client

La Quinta has grown into one of the most recognized hotel chains in the world, with more than 800 Inns and Suites in three countries. The La Quinta website ( re-launched with revamped hotel information, city and travel content and an online hotel reservation system. It has grown into a business critical channel for the discount hotel chain. In fact, the company recently reported a 63 percent increase in revenue for the fourth quarter from its website.

The Challenge

Today, visitor engagement has expanded across channels to include mobile applications and social media. However, the challenge remains the same: converting lookers to bookers. Now there are more channels with more data collection opportunities, more information to analyze, and more pressure on the marketing department to ensure a high rate of return on marketing dollars through conversions. This means knowing what makes visitors respond positively to content and marketing campaigns across all channels.

To make sure the website is meeting customers’ needs, La Quinta business managers needed information about who its visitors are, where they come from, how they use the site and how to best encourage them to book a room online. After diligent research into multiple web analytics vendors, Webtrends was selected based on its powerful features and proven reliability. Specifically, La Quinta chose Webtrends Analytics On Demand, because it provides comprehensive insight with the convenience of a hosted service.

The Solution

Webtrends Analytics On Demand provides comprehensive insight on visitors to La Quinta’s digital channels through the convenience of a hosted service.

Webtrends Analytics delivers the data, whether they are connecting with customer through the company’s website, Facebook or a smart phone, including:

• Who the visitors are (new or returning, loyaltymember)

• Where they came from, how they use the site

• What features have the highest activity

• Where they came from

• What features have the highest activity

• Which campaigns have the best response

• What content encourages them to book a room

Webtrends SmartView analyzes page real estate and content effectiveness, allowing La Quinta to morequickly adapt online creative to compel more visitors to click through, and more successfully filling the conversion funnel. La Quinta customizes Webtrends reports,integrating data from all channels into workflow formats for extensive analysis and action.

The Results

La Quinta’s multi-channel marketing has enabled the company to more effectively engage and convert visitors, proving the value of its digital investments.

With Webtrends, La Quinta has been able to collectively manage:

• Enhanced conversion reporting – La Quinta monitors both response rates and convertingresponse rates of its marketing campaigns,as well as the path from click-through toconversion and revenue.

• Effectiveness of digital channels – In addition to building its web site into the primary saleschannel, La Quinta is also able to evaluate theperformance of niche site marketing, mobilechannel and social media engagement andadvertising campaigns.

• Better allocation of marketing dollars – With proven tangible results of its marketing campaigns in hand, La Quinta is better able to allocate marketing dollars across channels thatcreate a return on investment.