Refining Online Presence Leads to 32 Percent Increase in Sales

IFA Insurance Client Success Story

“Fantastic impact. Webtrends helped increase our sales 32 percent. Before, we weren’t optimizing our ads campaigns as well. Now we have the ability to see the complete picture, page to page, on our website.”

Mario DiNuzio | Sales Manager, IFA

The Client

IFA provides low cost car insurance to customers primarily in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They’ve been in business since 1972.

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The Challenge

In 2011, IFA saw a dramatic increase in the number of sales closed online rather than by phone. To capitalize further on the online momentum in Q1—which also happened to be the highly competitive season for insurance companies—IFA looked for ways to increase its online presence and volume while improving ad spend ROI.

Though they’ve never shied away from using cutting-edge technologies to get results, IFA had been struggling while self-managing their own online ads. According to IFA sales manager Mario DiNuzio, it was hard to see how it was really going. “A lot the reporting [we] were doing, internally and thru Google analytics, didn’t give [us] the complete picture from page to page on our website.”

All they knew for now: more customers were online, and that meant opportunities. They called Webtrends for guidance on how to capitalize on them.

The Solution

The Webtrends Search and Social Marketing team evaluated IFA’s online marketing campaigns overall, and came up with a long-term plan. Tactics were determined based on their ability to increase sales volume without jeopardizing the budget.

They included:

  • A complete restructure of the Google Adwords Campaigns
  • Addition of Sitelinks and Social Extensions
  • A thorough audit and expansion of negative keywords
  • Removal of all broad match terms, and a replacement with modified broad match
  • Replication of these actions on Bing

The changes gave IFA a new perspective on its ad spend. “Before Webtrends we weren’t optimizing our campaigns as well as we are now,” confirmed Mario. “I now feel like I have control over my campaigns.”

The Results

Cost-per-sale and return improved each month. IFA had money to invest toward increasing its online presence even more and used it to engage Webtrends for next steps.

Efforts included:

  • Launched campaigns on the Google Display Network.
  • Set up remarketing campaigns with two intended targets: Those who filled out a quote (but no sale) and those who visited the site without completing a quote.
  • Expanded online advertising to include evening and weekend hours.
  • Deployed an aggressive bidding strategy to capture both quotes and sales.

The combined effects of the first and second initiatives produced incredible results. “Being able to fine-tune our campaigns through testing ad copy and making landing page adjustments, we tested more over the last year then we ever have,” said Mario.

And IFA had the best quarter on record.