Creating a Careful Strategy for Introduction Into a New Market—With Big Results

IFA Insurance Client Success Story

“Our Webtrends team looked at our business differently, creatively. Since we started working with Webtrends in Maryland, our sales have increased an average of 40 percent each month.”

Mario DiNuzio | Sales Manager, IFA

The Client

IFA provides low cost car insurance to customers primarily in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They’ve been in business since 1972.

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The Challenge

IFA recently started selling insurance policies in Maryland. Lacking a budget for a campaign that would allow for a splashy introduction to new customers in the state, they asked Webtrends to find affordable ways to create awareness.

The Solution

The Webtrends Search and Social Marketing team guided IFA toward a strategy that supported slow, steady growth. That kind of caution impressed IFA. Sales Manager Mario DiNuzio explains: “Treating the account as something we can constantly evolve is important to us. As our market changes, we are able to make adjustments.” Webtrends rolled out components designed to grow sales volume each month, and add momentum to marketing efforts.

They included a series of small launches in a careful sequence

  • A brand campaign for those consumers searching for IFA in Maryland. Establishing a presence this way cut down on the number of competitor ads this particular customer saw.
  • A remarketing campaign on the Google Display Network. Target: people in Maryland who have visited the IFA site but left without a quote or sale.
  • Highly targeted content campaigns on the Google network.
  • More traditional paid search campaigns, cautiously based on incremental growth.

The Results

IFA has seen a month-over-month increase in sales volume. Cost/Sale has stayed below the goal, helping them establish the kind of financial foothold and brand presence they need to be successful in Maryland in 2013 and beyond. Now, IFA is heading to Delaware. “As we saw things ramp up for Maryland” said DiNuzio, “we felt confident in our ability and timing to move into another state.”