Add option to enable document meta data collection, and a configurable field to allow users to designate meta data properties to collect (Issues 225, 226, 227, 228, 229, 230, 311, 499)

This feature allows a user to add a list of custom field/property names they wish to collect to the app.  It then enables API calls to query for the desired properties when document links are hovered over with the mouse. Data for queried documents are stored in sessionStorage to reduce the number of API calls created by the feature over the course of a session.  For example, hovering over the same document multiple times, even in different links or different pages within the session, should result in only one API call.  On the click to the document link or Ribbon/ECB/Hover Card menu, the additional properties are added to the hit in the format WT.shp_doc_ + property name, e.g. WT.shp_doc_guid.  Due to the reliance on the on-hover event, this functionality will not work in mobile devices.  Consistency of data collection is also dependent on server responsiveness, as the data from the API call must be returned prior to the user’s click of the link.

Block API calls for Page Details REST endpoint on unsupported page types (Issue 489)

New News/Article code requires detection of some pages types in order identify article pages vs non-article pages.  This REST API endpoint is unsupported on some pages and was throwing a 500 error visible in the web console.  We have blocked the API call on pages known to throw these errors.

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