Webtrends Essential Care provides you with responsive, high quality assistance when using our products and solutions. Please see below for instructions on how to obtain technical support and for descriptions of our support features, processes, and procedures.

Scope of Essential Care Support

Technical Support is intended to assist Webtrends clients in troubleshooting and resolving specific issues resulting from use of Webtrends products on supported platforms. Issues arising from a need for training, implementation services, and customization (scripting) may be referred to our Professional Services organizations to contract for the services appropriate to the need.

The following is an outline of the types of services that are typically supported:

  • Help upgrading license for new features and bug fixes
  • Guidance in the setup of data sources, including fine-tuning options
  • Help in understanding specific features in the Webtrends application
  • Help creating basic profiles
  • Clarification of material covered in Help files
  • Clarification of apparent discrepancies in data displayed in reports
  • Addressing apparent bugs in the application
  • Requests for features

The following items are not generally supported:

  • Operating systems and third-party applications
  • Customizations to the Webtrends software made by the customer

Client Support Contacts

It is the client’s responsibility to keep contact information for all Support Contacts up to date. Webtrends cannot accept responsibility for a failure to respond to a new support case in a timely fashion if the contact information provided by the customer to Webtrends for the Support Contact is inaccurate.

Webtrends also requests that each customer identify a Support Contact Administrator, so that we may contact that individual in the event that one of the other Named Support Contacts becomes unavailable after opening a case. When receiving support requests from new Support Contacts, Webtrends may redirect those support requests to the Support Contact Administrator for the organization.

Support Resources

Documentation, knowledge base, and other resources are available at https://www.webtrends.com/support.

Support Portal

Webtrends customers with a current support maintenance plan, partners and resellers can use the support portal to log new cases and check on the status of existing cases. Clients may request access to the Support Portal by contacting technical support at techsupport@webtrends.com.

Telephone Support

Telephone Support is available to customers with a current support plan or in the product’s trial evaluation period. Webtrends offers 24×7 pager support for high severity issues to customers with a Premium Care plan.  Please contact your Webtrends account manager for details on upgrading to Premium Care.

For non-urgent technical support assistance, please use the Support Portal



Contact Method

Essential Care Response

Premium Care Response


System Down

System is inoperable.  Data is lost. Phone 2 hours
during business hours
1 hour



Business outage or significant impact threatening future productivity.  Very difficult to work around.  System is unstable. Phone 3 hours
during business hours
1 hour



Problem impact is high.  Business is proceeding, but in an impaired fashion.  Workarounds are available. Phone / Email 3 hours / 48 hours
during business hours
1 hour / 48 hours
during business hours



Issue does not have significant business impact.   Examples: product enhancements, usage questions, cosmetic problems. Email 48 hours
during business hours
48 hours
during business hours

If you do not find your country or region listed below, please call 1-503-223-3023.


Essential Care Phone Number

Support Business Hours

North America

+1 503-223-3023

Monday – Friday
6am to 4pm Pacific / 9am to 7pm Eastern
Middle East

+44  20 3878 3896

Monday – Friday
2pm to 12am GMT
Asia Pacific

+1 503-223-3023

Monday – Friday
9am to 7pm Eastern