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2014 Forrester Report

Webtrends has been named a leader in web analytics.

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Compare Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint vs. Native SharePoint Reporting

Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint was designed specifically for the intricacies and nuances of SharePoint and is used by more than 300 leading enterprises worldwide (including Microsoft).

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Drive SharePoint User Adoption and ROI with Analytics

There are many ways to drive SharePoint user adoption and continued engagement.

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London Gatwick Airport

To better understand its intranet, Gatwick selected Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint, which offers a wealth of pre-defined, out of-the-box specific reports and metrics.

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SharePoint 2013 datasheet

SharePoint 2013 Data Sheet

Use Webtrends Analytics to get a clear picture of how SharePoint 2013 is being used at your organization so that you can make substantial business improvements.

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DataSheet - SharePoint

Webtrends SharePoint 2010 Analytics Data Sheet

View the data sheet for SharePoint Analytics Intranet Spaces.

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