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Advancing Your Analytics With Webtrends Infinity™

To seize new opportunities, we believe a new and better method of digital analytics is required. The old ways of capturing, processing and reporting on customer data are no longer sufficient as three significant developments are forcing us to look at analytics in a very different way.

White Papers

Analytics Vendor Comparison

To help you evaluate vendor options in the market, we’ve compiled a side-by-side comparison of Webtrends Infinity Analytics™ vs. Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics 360 and Google Analytics Standard.

Industry Insights

Closing the Data-to-Insight Gap

Learn how you can deliver digital intelligence to your customer warehouse.


Infinity Analytics FAQ

Learn how get more from your data with these frequently asked questions about Webtrends Infinity Analytics.

Solution Details

Infinity Data Connector

Secure and timely delivery of analytics data to your on premise customer warehouse. Analytics data is a critical source of customer behavior that when connected with other data sources can be used to transform the way your brand interacts with customers.

Solution Details

Introducing the Infinity Data Connector

The Infinity Data Connector finally gives you the power to quickly and accurately fill your data warehouses with complete and actionable profiles of your customers.


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