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2014 Forrester Report

Webtrends has been named a leader in web analytics.

Industry Reports

Whitepaper- Analytics Advance Digital Marketing

Advancing Your Digital Marketing Strategy with Webtrends Analytics

Read about the many advantages of using Webtrends Analytics.

White Papers

Approaches to Exit Intent - Webtrends

Approaches to Fight Exit Intent

Online consumers are sophisticated – and often impatient. Marketers need to use new approaches to keep website visitors engaged and to reduce exit rates.

Industry Insights

Best Practices in search and social marketing

Best Practices in Search and Social Marketing

Tips and tricks to help you enhance your search engine marketing, digital display advertising, social media and search engine optimization.

White Papers

Contextual Personalization Whitepaper

Contextual Personalization: The Next Frontier in Customer Engagement

Find out how brands can created personalized marketing communications, and even more importantly (and excitingly) the next frontier – contextual personalization.

White Papers

Whitepaper - Segement and Score - Webtrends

Database Marketing with Online Behavioral Data Made Simple

The more precisely the message matches the current interests and needs of the consumer, the more relevant the message is and the more attention it will get. Relevance is the key to attention.

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