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Engage Day Two: Putting the Customer First, Through Real-Time Listening and Understanding

Day Two of Engage 2013 is underway and off to a great start with Alex Yoder, CEO at Webtrends, welcoming attendees and providing rich insights in his “Re-Imagine Digital Marketing” keynote. Alex set the pace for an exciting and informative day. Alex highlighted the greatest factor in revamping a digital marketing strategy: really listening to customers. With all of the new and evolving channels in the industry today, customer engagement is becoming more and more fragmented and the speed and rate of change of these channels will only continue to accelerate. With Webtrends Streams, brands can now create a dialogue with its customers instantaneously, on any device. The old days of analytics are gone – it is now about rapidly and continuously listening to and understanding your customers through engagement.


Mark Wilson, Chief Marketing Officer at Avaya, then took the stage to provide an update on the current state of digital marketing.


According to Mark, the digitization of the human culture is driving the state of marketing through a full cycle of communication, collaboration, discovery, learning, sharing, empathy and, yes, even love. Marketing has shifted from being purely transaction centric into a model of collaboration and participation. To better understand our customers, Mark explained, we need to update our current marketing strategies to align with the ever changing digital world through:

  • Increasing Awareness and Consideration: Customers want to buy differently now, and brands must align consumer levels of engagement to suit their needs.
  • Delivering Value-Based Solutions: Brands must become more customer-oriented, better articulating value propositions and demonstrating customer benefits.
  • Strengthening the Marketing Claim: Customers need more fact-based and informative insights into what brands are trying to sell.
  • Growing the Sales Pipeline: 70 percent of the buying journey is complete before reaching a salesperson. Companies need to turn lead prospects into sales.
  • Improving Competitive Win-Rates: Brands need to move away from analog-based data that takes months to complete and immerse themselves into what customers are saying in real time.

Missed the opening presentations? They will be available on Slideshare by the end of Engage 2013. Stay tuned for insights into our jam-packed sessions throughout the rest of today and tomorrow!

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