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Getting Started with Testing and Optimization

Having run optimization campaigns for almost 2 years now, I can confidently say that strong web analytics is optimization’s best friend and so I am very excited about this collaboration with Webtrends.  With analytics you get powerful information and develop questions that optimization helps you answer.  Analytics feeds optimization with testing opportunities and testing tells you where your analytics should focus.  It’s a powerful feedback cycle that drives marketing forward, rather than waiting in the dark, hoping and guessing for the best with each campaign.

While looking at your analytics, do you ever discover fall off midway into your funnel?  Come across a landing page with a high bounce rate?  Find a segment that performs differently?  Well then you found a great place to start optimizing.

For example, which button do you like best? Which one do you think will outperfrom the rest? Leave a comment with your vote.

With this blog, I will introduce you all to the world of optimization and touch on a few of the powerful features within Widemile Optimize, along with discussing where analytics and optimization overlap.  We will start with test design, work up to initial test analysis, move on to finding test stabilization (ensuring statistically significant results), picking an optimal page and test lessons.

I will touch on many more topics, but as you will find out, optimization is an organic process where you learn from your audience and adjust, so nothing is ever set in stone and surprises are the norm. I love sharing my knowledge, so please stop by often and leave a comment.  If you want to start learning today, check out my Widemile optimization blog.

One response to “Getting Started with Testing and Optimization

  1. During the analysis and optimisation process your are always comparing the variations in testing results but it is almost impossible to answer the question ‘which button do you like best?’.

    Which one would win depends on more than just the size, colour, shape and text of the button but on the overall structure, colour theme and layout and content of the individual page.

    Although, as mentioned in Open Campaign post, green and orange tend to convert best but also highlighted is the fact that outcomes never cease to surprise.

    The only way to find out is to test then test and test again!

    Rob Willox

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