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Don’t rely on your gut to design your brand’s customer journey. With Webtrends Optimize, you can build a foundation of behavioral data, optimize the customer journey through A/B and multivariate testing and develop targeted experiences. Don’t know where to start? Our expert team of Optimization Consultants can manage an end-to-end program for you or help develop your team’s expertise, so you can build tests and targeted experiences yourself.

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With Webtrends comprehensive optimization solutions you can:

Understand your customers.

Collect unlimited behavioral data and analyze your existing customer journey to identify opportunities to increase conversions, drive engagement and build more relevant experiences. Develop detailed visitor profiles that combine behavioral data, CRM and other sources – and then use Webtrends Optimize and the visual editor to bring them to life through targeted personalization.

Understand your customers.
To see an uplift of 15 percent in conversions and a 12 percent rise in add-ons is more than we had expected when we started optimisation. It’s proof that A/B and multivariate testing works and delivers a healthy ROI for online sales. We look forward to continuing to work with Webtrends and running further testing campaigns to improve the Europcar websites and the experience of our online customers.
Catrena Blanco, Head of User Experience at Europcar

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Build the optimization program that’s right for you.

Build the optimization program that’s right for you.

The Optimize visual editor makes building content and experience tests intuitive and accessible. Looking to build something truly unique or highly complex? Our team of experienced optimization consultants and strategists are dedicated to helping you build the right tests and experiences that will drive results.

We appreciate the flexibility Webtrends has offered to meet our specific and changing needs over the years. We review all of our vendor contracts each year to look for cost savings, competition and new ways to do things. We find that Webtrends is unbeatable year after year. There is so much value for the money.
Begench Atayev, Director of Marketing at Identity Guard

Create the right message for the right person.

Meet and exceed customer expectations with personalized content and experiences built with the Optimize visual editor. Use device type, location, previous behaviors or any combination of imported customer data to create experiences that deliver the right message to the right individual in the right channel.

Create the right message for the right person.