Audience Segmentation

Divide and conquer.



Knowing your digital audience – and being able to segment them effectively – can help you win the battle against your competition. With Webtrends, you can segment customers any way you like – cluster those who are your champions on social media or those who come from a certain geography, age group and purchase history. Then export for targeting and personalization or integrate the data in other systems to create effective marketing campaigns.


Key Capabilities

  • Intuitive, cross-channel segmentation interface
  • Unified visitor-level digital behaviors and offline data
  • Multidimensional segments on complete customer profiles across touchpoints
  • Targeting and discovery-based segmentation using historical, visitor-level data
  • Behavior-based lead scoring system
  • Powerful content targeting when paired with Webtrends Optimize
  • Expert services – segmentation strategy and integration

Next, see how you can use Audience Segmentation:

“Segments has enabled us to use the insight provided by analytics and explore patterns in visitor behavior and identify visitor groups to specifically target.”

David Scott | Director of Group Platform and Customer Data Strategy, Standard Life

“Without Webtrends, all the customer data we  capture on our web sites and portals would be impossible to make sense of. We’re now putting this data to work to create much more engaging experiences for our customers and build truly interactive identities for our brands.”

Dirk Hoerter, Global Digital/Internet Manager, Kimberly Clark

“Prior to using Webtrends solutions, we could not qualify sales leads…Today, we actively engage with web visitors, score their activity as how likely to purchase, and determine how influential the corporate website is in generating sales.”

Chris Kuelbs, Lead Project Manager Web Applications Group, Polaris Industries

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