Add option to enable document meta data collection, and a configurable field to allow users to designate meta data properties to collect (Issues 225, 226, 227, 228, 229, 230, 311, 499)

This feature allows a user to add a list of custom field/property names they wish to collect to the app. It then enables API calls to query for the desired properties when document links are hovered over with the mouse. Data for queried documents are stored in sessionStorage to reduce the number of API calls created by the feature over the course of a session. For example, hovering over the same document multiple times, even in different links or different pages within the session, should result in only one API call. On the click to the document link or Ribbon/ECB/Hover Card menu, the additional properties are added to the hit in the format WT.shp_doc_ + property name, e.g. WT.shp_doc_guid. Due to the reliance on the on-hover event, this functionality will not work in mobile devices. Consistency of data collection is also dependent on server responsiveness, as the data from the API call must be returned prior to the user’s click of the link.

Add tracking of Modern view News Article web part and Article pages (Issues 304, 316, 424)

This feature adds the parameters “WT.article”, “WT.article_url”, “WT.article_author”, and “WT.article_action” when interacting with the new SharePoint Online Modern View “News” web part and their subsequent News pages. The web part provides tiles for various articles. On the click to these tiles, the data is collected and sent in the click event hit. On the subsequent page load, the same data is collected as send as a Page View event. This allows reporting showing a clickthrough rate for the web part, as well as view data related to the article. A configuration option to enable “impressions” is also provided. When enabled, the page load of a page that includes the web part will send additional “impression” hits for each tile within the web part, allowing a clickthrough percentage based on impressions vs clicks throughs vs views. The article pages have a small “social” row allowing you to like, unlike, save for later. These are also tracked as events with the Article parameters. Lastly, when the SharePoint Social plugin is also enabled, the interactions with the Comment Feed below the article such as Post and Reply are tracked, and send the Article parameters with the hits to allow correlation to the article in question.

Correct .FILE as the extension of all documents, and incorrect Document Library Path in WT.shp_doc_lib (Issues 474, 475)

Due to changes in the SharePoint Online Search Result pages, interactions with document results were passing the file extension .FILE rather than the expected file extensions such as .docx in the URL and WT.shp_doc related parameters. This fix corrects the issue and allows proper reporting on the actual file type. Additionally, the detection of the document library root path was broken after alterations in the results HTML. We have corrected detection of the library root directory for WT.shp_doc_lib and reporting on libraries.

Correct duplicate page view hits after performing a search and immediately returning to the Home Page (Issue 445)

Due to changes in the SharePoint Framework Navigated Event callback, Page View hits were being triggered twice when searching for a term, then clicking Exit Search and returning to the Home Page. The logic has been updated to correct the issue and avoid sending a Page View event twice in these circumstances, as well as more reliably trigger other transitions.

Correct WT.shp_doc_lib values when interacting with Activity Tiles (Issues 476, 484)

Activity Tiles on Modern Home Pages can point to documents or document libraries. Due to changes in these tiles HTML within SharePoint Online, the detection of the library being interacted with was failing to collect the proper path. This fix updates the code to collect the root path of the document library more consistently.

Ribbon and ECB links for Document Library Tiles and Web Part Tiles no longer recognize the selected item (Issue 487)

Due to changes in SharePoint Online libraries and web parts, detection of which item was being interacted with on Ribbon and ECB links was no longer working. Instead, interactions with Ribbons and ECB menus were sending data related to the library rather than the document. This update corrects the detection of selected items and restores the tracking of the Ribbon and ECB links the item. The fixes correct both web parts and document library pages.

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