Add WT.oss_action=Suggested Item for easier identification of terms leading to clickthroughs (Issue 196)

Under normal circumstances, a “search” is only tracked when the search results page is displayed. In the Modern view, a user can search for something, and a “Suggested Item” will appear beneath the search input box prior to a results page being displayed. Clicks to one of these suggested items is tracked as both a Search and a Search Clickthrough, in order to provide proper search related data for the event. We have added “WT.oss_action=Suggested Item” to the click hit, to allow identification of this event from regular searches in upcoming “search experience” reports. This will provide data on different search events such as regular searches, refiners used, scope changes, and pagination.

Add WT.oss_visits=Visits with Search to facilitate reporting on search vs non-search related visits (Issue 214)

We have added “WT.oss_visits=Visits with Search” to search result hits, to allow identification of visits on a site that did or did not perform a search while there.  This will be utilized in upcoming “search experience” reports, and display “Visits with Search” and “Visits without Search” in the related report.

Webtrends SharePoint Classic Tag Installer
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