These are the release notes for the Webtrends SharePoint Tag Installer version, released in April 1st, 2019. This release contains fixes for known issues and enhancements. Online documentation for the tag installer is available here:

  • ENG-2137 – enhancement: Add Drag and Drop Upload Tracking.

  • ENG-13191 – enhancement: Add user editable Language Conversion Plugin to facilitate tracking in foreign language sites.

  • ENG-19187 – script fix: Add event binding for documents that are grouped in a library restoring tracking of document clicks.

  • ENG-19471 – script fix: Block “download” event when right clicking documents in a library or web part.

  • ENG-20069 – script fix: Add tracking of additional ECB menu in Hover Card for documents.

  • ENG-20134 – enhancement: Remove “/_layouts/15/start.aspx#” from referrer to unify data.

  • ENG-20438 – script fix: Remove deprecated Heatmaps plugin option from app.

  • ENG-20802 – enhancement: Add option to add Web Part ID to WT.shp_wpv, to distinguish clicks between identically named web parts on the same page.

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