Whats new?

We are now forcing all data collection to occur over HTTPS.

Chrome will begin enforcing SameSite cookie security in February 2020, so we’ve updated our Data Collection Service to continue collecting your data.  All requests to our Data Collection Service will be redirected to HTTPS if the original requests are sent over HTTP. All responses from our Data Collection Service will contain the third party Webtrends cookie ACOOKIE with the SameSite and Secure values set.


What do you need to do?

  • I host my site over HTTPS
    Great! You wont need to do anything.
  • I host my site over HTTP
    You should really consider hosting your site over HTTPS.    Regardless, you should head over to tagbuilder.webtrends.com and download an updated tag. The updated tag will ensure that all connections to Webtrends are secured via HTTPS to our Data Collection Service. Don’t worry, we’ll still collect your data even if you don’t upgrade the tag. However, if you don’t update the tag, every HTTP request to our Data Collection Service will be redirected to HTTPS which will force security, but is an extra connection from the browser that can be avoided by upgrading the tag.  If you have any questions, please contact support.
  • What if I continue to use the HTTP tag?
    The http request will be FORCED to use HTTPS via a 301 redirect. This will cause an increase in the time it takes for the tag request to be received and returned. This could affect data collection accuracy in certain situations. You should upgrade to the HTTPS tag as soon as possible.