Add 2013, 2016, 2019, SPO Blog Site Template Tracking (Issue 56, 57, 58, 61, 62, 645, 646, 202)
Add tracking of Blog Template specific interactions such as Impression (on Blog Home Page), View (of an individual blog post), Post (new), Comment (new), Like, Unlike, Email a link, and Edit were added to the tracking code using existing social (WT.soc_xxxx) parameters. New parameters such as WT.soc_title (blog post title) and WT.soc_category (blog post category) were also added for Blog specific data.
Modern View does not provide a Blog Template at this time.  Tracking of new posts created with the Blog tools web part “Launch blogging app” is not supported.  Identification of a new post or comment’s list item ID on the publish event is also not supported.
Add 2013, 2016, 2019, SPO Newsfeed Hash Tag Tracking (Issue 66)
Add tracking of site/mysite newsfeed Hash Tag usage in Posts or Comments.  Uses existing social WT.soc_action parameter as well as new WT.soc_hash (a semicolon delimited of hash text values) and WT.soc_hash_id (a semicolon delimited list of hash ids).  Tracks hashes in new Posts and Replies as well as interactions with them, such as Likes, Unlikes, Follow #hash, Unfollow #hash, Click (of hash links), and Views of the HashTagProfile.aspx page after a clickthrough (SP2013 and SP2016 only).
Modern View does not support Hash Tags in Newsfeeds.  Hashes in posts/replies are clickable in SP2013 and SP2016, but not in SP2019 and SPO.  As the links for hashes are used to identify the Hash ID in many cases, WT.soc_hash_id is only sometimes available in SP2019 and SPO.
Webtrends SharePoint Tag Installer v4.15.0
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