Webtrends Analytics On-Premises 9.4

ETA: September 2021

Security Updates
  • Updating Tomcat to fix CVE-2020-1938 (Issue 1167)
  • Removing TLS 1.0 dependencies and adding support for TLS 1.2 (Issue 1558)
Installation Updates
  • Fixing issue that causes installations to roll-back when there are issues contacting the license server (Issue 1744)
  • Fixing installation option “ALLOW_CLUSTERING” so it works again. (Issue 2538)
  • Fixing issue that allowed the system database to be unselected during installation.  (Issue 639)
  • Updating Visual Data Mart (VDM) components to work with Windows Server 2016+ and SQL Server 2016+ (Issue 1566)
New SharePoint Reports
  • Adding new SharePoint reports for clients that desire to use our software to analyze their SharePoint environment. (Issue 52)
Misc Updates
  • Cleaning up various interface elements, broken links, and confusing instructions (Issues 2416, 658, 638, 625)

Webtrends Analytics On-Premises 9.5

ETA: March 2022

Security Updates
  • Misc security updates (Issues 2606, 2607, 2608)
Installation Updates
  • Fixing issue where special characters in server names cause software to fail (Issue 613)
Reporting Updates
  • Fixing issue where scheduled report jobs fail with warning evening though reports are delivered. (Issue 2381)
  • Add bounce rate support as a calculated measure
  • Update report exporter and remove java applet dependency (issue 2604)

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