Measure Everything

SharePoint contains a wealth of content such as document libraries, lists, and blogs that can’t be analyzed with standard analytics solutions.  Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint understands SharePoint and provides rich insights into site and sub-site hierarchy, usernames, job titles, office location, and just about any other content type within SharePoint.

Designed for SharePoint

Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint was designed specifically for the intricacies and nuances of SharePoint and is used by more than 300 leading enterprises worldwide (including Microsoft).  To get the most out of Microsoft SharePoint, you need a detailed, visitor-level view into your site’s activity and usage.


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Analytics Capabilities


Native SharePoint

Google Analytics

Basic Traffic Measurement
Track the number of page views and visitors
Quick View
View key metrics for each SharePoint site in a single view
User-Based Tracking
Track behavior and activity down to the user level and even custom user properties
Custom Dashboards
Easily view and monitor the metrics you care about most for your site(s)
Page-Level Insights
Track views, sessions, average time and more by individual pages
Track popular queries and keywords from users’ search activity
Document Interactions
Receive insights into how users are interacting with documents across your site collections
List Interactions
Track how users interact with lists and individual list items
Web Part Interactions
Track usage of links within web parts, correlated with the associated part
Social Insights
Track newsfeed post frequency, likes, shares and replies
Custom Reporting
Create custom reporting to match your specific needs and environment
Limited to 20 data points
User Paths
View page to page details on how users are navigating across your site(s)
Easily Export to Other Services
Multiple export options and formats to faciltate import into tools such as Power BI