Increase Productivity and Adoption

Webtrends provides a detailed, visitor-level view into your Teams’ activity, document contribution, and meeting information in order to increase adoption and improve productivity.

Designed for Microsoft Teams®

Webtrends Analytics for Teams was designed specifically for Teams. Webtrends is used by more than 300 leading enterprises worldwide (including Microsoft).

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Harness the
Power of Analytics for Teams®

Translate your Data
Into Actionable Insights

Easily understand your data. Create and customize dashboards by using our built-in report and dashboard interface or leverage your Power BI environment in order to create actionable stories of the activity and engagement in Teams.

Our Reports are Customized
to Your Needs

We offer dozens of out-of-the-box SharePoint-specific reports and have easily-configured customization options so you always have a way to match your specific needs and environment.

Examples of Out-of-Box Reports:

Active Teams
See how fast and widely specific teams are adopting usage of the Teams platform.

Users by Activity
Understand which Users, Departments, Offices, etc. are contributing new content

Organizer by Meeting Length
Are meetings running too long? Use this report to help organizers find the optimal meeting length

Review Out-of-the-Box Reports

Improve Collaboration Through Analytics
Through Analytics

Are your employees improving their collaboration through Teams? By measuring things like file contribution and meeting statistics, you can easily understand how your employees are collaborating. Webtrends offers several different reports to help you understand activity, file contribution, and meeting statistics.

Increase Productivity
Through Activity Metrics

With Webtrends for Teams, you can ensure whether or not your workforce is productive. Run reports on team and department activity, top file contributions, and meeting usage. Having all of this information can help you pinpoint areas where you can improve workforce productivity and create common practices across your organization.

Measure Activity to
Improve Productivity

Enact targeted adoption and sustained engagement strategies to improve Teams usage and ROI. Discover areas of improvement in your workforce productivity.

We put Data in Your Hands
with our Exports

Download your data to XML, JSON, CSV, Excel or Power BI on demand or schedule a time in advance. You can also download the report in PDF format and create email links as well. We offer a customizable REST URL to export your data in your required format. Your data, your reports, your way.

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Support for non-critical use cases during extended USA business hours.

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Adds 24/7 emergency support and faster response times.

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Analytics for:

Microsoft Teams®

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