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Often confused with A/B testing, optimisation is a collection of different tactics to improve the performance of a customer journey, ranging from simple button colour changes right through to one-to-one personalisation.

Optimisation is now an essential part of a marketer’s toolbox and is a process that is developed and matured over months and years. It allows you to provide more personalised content to different segments of your visitors.

Optimisation and personalisation are relatively new for many companies – but now with the ever-connected consumer, every organisation needs to continually monitor the content and performance of their webpages to ensure that it remains relative to their audience.

Outdated or inappropriate content is a sure-fire way of frustrating your visitors and therefore A/B or multivariate testing should be carried out with every optimisation project whether simple or complex, to confirm the results deliver the desired impact.

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Just starting out or experienced in optimisation – If you are a marketer who wants to improve basic elements of your website then here’s a great place to start.

With an easy to use WYSIWYG interface, our Visual Editor allows you to change different components of your website without access to your CMS, in a matter of minutes.

There are no limits on the number of tests you can create and if you want to be more adventurous there is also free access to our Advanced UI.

Build the right tests based on accurate data. Running baseline analytics is effortless and provides you with the foundations for your testing environment and post-test analysis delivers precise results to help determine which test won.

There’s also a clear dashboard to monitor all your tests in one place.


If you need a little help and don’t have any optimisation expertise, then a managed-service solution offers everything from initial ideas right through to delivering the final winning tests.

As a managed-service client, you can relax as we manage everything, including baseline analytics, development, HTML coding, image design, and implementation.

Our optimisation consultants have years of experience across many industries that will help you to get the most from your website. Having worked with many of the most famous brands around the globe they bring their learnings to deliver the most effective return on your investment.

Even if you have your own optimisation expertise, managed-service is especially useful for help with Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and more complex tests where greater levels of personalisation are required.

Our knowledgeable staff can help to bring together your web analytics data with proven techniques to provide sophisticated customer journeys that resonate with your visitors.


As the name suggests, Hybrid brings together the best of self-service and managed-service. With “Self-service add-ons” that allow you to choose the help you need, when you need it. Ideal if you have an in-house team that want to deliver large volumes of tests using our self-service solution but require the expertise and help for the more complex ones.


Our Hybrid model can be added at any time to a self-service contract and is extremely flexible with different levels of service ranging from Essential to Premium. Each level includes advice from our optimizations consultants on new test ideas and provides developer support around test – building.

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