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Webtrends Infinity Analytics vs. Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics 360 and Google Analytics Standard

Infinity Analytics™
is a new enterprise-scale analytics solution that harnesses big data to provide actionable customer intelligence so that companies can fuel their marketing programs.

Infinity Analytics incorporates reporting, ad hoc data exploration and segmentation into a single user experience and has no limits from the point of data collection to the point of consumption. To help you evaluate vendor options in the market, we’ve compiled a side-by-side comparison of Webtrends Infinity, Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics 360 (formerly Premium) and Google Analytics Standard.

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Product Features and Capabilities Infinity Analytics Adobe Analytics GA 360 GA Standard
Multi-Channel Reporting
Standard reporting for web, mobile app and social properties
Advanced reporting for scenarios, funnels, pathing, attribution
Report scheduling and distribution
Visitor-level data available
Unlimited ad hoc data exploration with unlimited drilldown and analysis (separate app)
One unified application for analytics, reporting, ad hoc data exploration and segmentation
Real Time Data
Real-time reporting available
Every report available in real time by default
All measures and dimensions available in real time
Real-time reports available without any pre-configuration
Real-time report customization and ability to apply saved segments with immediate results
Data Collection Flexibility
Standard JavaScript tags and mobile SDKs
CDN-hosted tag
Tag builder, remote configuration and SDK controls
Common tag for both analytics and personalization
Real-time tag hygiene UI
Unlimited number of collection variables
Variables are collected once and can be used in any number of dimensions, measures, rollup reports or global reports
Unlimited volume of page views and hits per property
Clients own their data and determine how it is used
Data Processing Scale
All analytics processing relies on an end-to-end streaming data pipeline built leveraging big data technologies
Any and all dimensions and measures can be correlated and queried together
Custom measures can be applied to all historical data
Standard reports available within minutes
Unique user counts available in every report
Does not rely on data sampling to handle large volumes of data *
Connectivity & Openness
Reporting API to extract aggregate report data
Connectors to common BI and data visualization solutions
Streaming API of sessionized visitor-level details (raw hits only)
Data connector available for secure, bulk and real-time delivery of visitor-level data to EDW or big data system (only from Big Query)
* Supports higher volumes vs GA Standard

Infinity Analytics has been built on a completely new platform leveraging the Hadoop ecosystem.

We hope you’ll take the opportunity to learn more about these important advantages:
  • Supports the massive scale and flexibility needed to collect behaviors across the Internet of Things
  • Provides fast access, making all data and intelligence available in real time for immediate decision making
  • Unifies analytics by bringing together aggregate and visitor-level data in a single easy- to-use experience for both analysts and marketers
  • Leverages the latest algorithms to deliver accuracy at scale, including unique visitor counts in all reports and absolutely no sampling
  • Makes all aggregate and visitor data available to the broader marketing ecosystem for personalization and deeper analysis
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