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Ensure Customer Data Security with Webtrends Infinity™ and End-to-End Encryption

Ensure Customer Data Security with Webtrends Infinity™ and End-to-End Encryption

Today’s customers have high expectations for personalized online experiences. For brands, delivering those experiences involves collecting the right information about customers, regardless of their devices or locations. However, the more accurately you can identify a person, the more important it is to protect this data.

In addition to delivering personalized experiences, ensuring data privacy and security is also paramount to maintaining customer trust and brand reputation, as well as complying with rapidly changing global regulations. And it’s no longer just a concern for regulated industries, such as finance or healthcare – or just legal and IT teams. Data privacy and security are a top priority for every company relying on customer data in today’s connected world.

Webtrends sought to address these various needs by building on the scalability of Hadoop, the security of Hortonworks implementation, our patent-pending persona service and our 20-year history in analytics. The result is the Webtrends Infinity platform. Beyond the immediate scalability, performance and flexibility benefits of Infinity, the platform is now head and shoulders above the fragmented, security models of today by moving to a client-centric security model built for the future.

Today’s Security is Not Enough

Even organizations that have enabled data security for customer data are still challenged with gaps. Fragmented customer data collection and storage means each piece is a potential single point of failure. Security can no longer be a bolted-on afterthought as fragmented, stitched together solutions open the door to vulnerabilities and increase operational costs. We’ve embraced the concepts of security by design and security by default when approaching the architecture for the Infinity platform, which will enable end-to-end encryption. This will ensure security from data collection through to storage – where only our clients can access their data.

We support a concentric view of data privacy moving from less to more sensitive. First is the collection of anonymous technical web traffic data. The next level is pseudonymous data, which maintains individuals’ uniqueness without direct identification. After that comes personally identifiable information (PII), such as the email addresses marketers need. Then there is sensitive or regulated data, such as approved elements of personal health information (PHI) or business revenue information, allowing businesses in retail, finance and healthcare to gain deeper insight. And last, there is prohibited data, including financial details such as credit card numbers and taxpayer identification, which Webtrends doesn’t permit clients to collect.


The Infinity platform design allows the strengthening of logical data segregation with client-provided encryption keys for data at rest. Encryption and key management are critical factors to ensure sensitive data is protected and organizations maintain compliance with security and privacy.

Security of the Future Must be Flexible

The recent upheavals surrounding the replacement of Safe Harbor with Privacy Shield, combined with the upcoming approval of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will replace the 20-year old European privacy framework with a 21st century approach, clearly point to the need for greater flexibility in how businesses manage their data to maintain compliance with regulators. Marketing and IT organizations must ask their technology vendors how they secure data to support compliance with EU GDPR, or industry-specific regulations, such as HIPAA. It is important to know whether security is built into the core of any SaaS solutions, or implemented and maintained separately. These differences have an impact on their overall security, scalability and reliability.

It is clear that security-conscious organizations must be careful if the security and encryption are an add-on to the architecture rather than built into it from the ground up. The more layers, the greater the risk to customer data and the organization. Data is currency and our approach at Webtrends is that all our client data should be treated as highly confidential.


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