Export and download data in the format that’s best for you

Download your data to XML, JSON, CSV, Excel or Power BI on demand or schedule a time in advance. You can also download the report in PDF format and create email links as well.

Customize your reporting format as you wish

We offer a customizable REST URL to export your data in your required format. Your data, your reports, your way.

Designed specifically for SharePoint environments

Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint was designed specifically for the intricacies and nuances of SharePoint and is used by more than 300 leading enterprises worldwide (including Microsoft). To get the most out of Microsoft SharePoint, you need to be able to download the data you want and create the report that is best for you and your organization.
Webtrends Analytics Dashboard for SharePoint

Webtrends Analytics® for Sharepoint®

Join our other clients on the path towards Sharepoint success with the Microsoft-preferred analytics solution.

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