“Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint has given us clear insight into how our employees are navigating pages and content, how they interact, share ideas, and which assets are most useful.”

Linda Mortimer, Internal Communications Executive

The Client

London Gatwick Airport is the second largest airport in the United Kingdom and serves more than 40 million passengers traveling to 200 destinations each year. As the world’s busiest single-runway airport, it’s a busy, fast-moving and diverse environment, especially for Gatwick’s 2,600 employees.
A large proportion of Gatwick’s employees are on the front line in varied roles such as airport and passenger security, airside operations, engineering, construction and passenger support in the terminals. They are supported by office-based teams and together work across an area of 2.5 square miles.


The Challenge

In response to a 24/7 organization that never sleeps, Gatwick implemented a new Microsoft SharePoint intranet, which is the central hub for company news, employee information and team updates. The Gatwick SharePoint intranet provides a host of relevant corporate information including policies, forms, airport maps, an internal phone book and Yammer. Officials at Gatwick were especially excited about the unique ‘Disruption Alerts’ feature, which immediately notifies all employees of events that impact operations, such as weather or traffic issues – a feature which is very helpful now that the intranet is accessible from mobile devices.

The challenge, however, was that intranet managers at Gatwick were unclear on how to measure the intranet’s success and use. Various departments within the organization, including commercial, corporate affairs, finance, development, HR, IT, legal and operations each needed an in-depth understanding of how people were using the site.

“One failing of our old intranet was that we never had data to track how employees were accessing our site,” said Linda Mortimer, Internal Communications Executive at Gatwick. “It was imperative to demonstrate value for the investment in our new intranet.”


The Solution

To better understand its intranet, Gatwick selected Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint, which offers a wealth of pre-defined, out-of-the-box specific reports and metrics. The technology was implemented to meet Gatwick’s requirements with little need for additional configuration.

With a quick-start implementation, Webtrends data collection instantly fueled SharePoint-specific reports. The Webtrends team then configured additional insights by understanding the individual behaviors and requirements of Gatwick’s different departments and provided training to a number of key employees. Webtrends also created a dashboard to show engagement, top downloads, visits and locations, which can easily be shared across departments regularly.

Hugh Kimber, Sales Director at Webtrends, noted the growing need among companies to better understand their intranets.
“While Microsoft SharePoint is the favored internal platform for accessing and sharing content among organizations, we speak to many companies who aren’t getting the most out of their SharePoint deployment,” said Kimber. “We developed Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint specifically to empower organizations to understand their own intricacies and nuances by measuring user behavior and then adapting their sites accordingly. This is exactly what we enabled London Gatwick Airport to do.”


The Results

Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint has helped Gatwick Airport to clearly identify its intranet’s usage and user behavior. This has empowered the departments and individuals who share information on the intranet to continually improve engagement.
“Now we have usage analytics, we can exploit our SharePoint intranet to its full potential,” said Mortimer. “Webtrends Analytics for SharePoint has given us clear insight into how our employees are navigating pages and content, how they interact, share ideas, and which assets are most useful. We’ll be using this to improve our site going forward.”

While the analytics implementation is still in its infancy, interesting and useful data is already surfacing. For example, Gatwick noted that more than 800 front-line employees accessed the intranet over a one-month period, with a total of 8,500 individual visits. Interestingly, 257 of these 800 employees were from security, the department with the highest number of employees (a total of 1,500). With such insights, Gatwick can improve the content that is available for different users – such as for security employees – to ensure it is relevant to their needs.

Mortimer concludes: “We have been impressed not only with the information we can now access with Webtrends, but also with the impeccable service we receive from our account team. They have taken the time to understand our challenges and have used an intelligent approach to ensure we were given exactly what we needed.”