Webtrends Helps Banking Group Boost Digital Marketing, Take Load Off IT

BOK Financial Client Success Story

“Today we see all the data in one place and can quickly tell what is working and what isn't without relying on data from our media vendor. That helps us optimize our spending to focus on what works. ”

Ben Aggus | Web Content Manager, BOK Financial

The Client

BOK Financial, a financial services company based in Tulsa, Okla., operates banks in eight states including Bank of Albuquerque, Bank of Arizona, Bank of Texas and Bank of Oklahoma, among others. The company has been using Webtrends Analytics since 2006 and recently upgraded from On Premises software to the On Demand solution. As a result, BOK Financial is utilizing the insights provided by Webtrends to measure and refine its digital marketing strategies while taking pressure off its in-house IT group.

The Challenge

When Ben Aggus was hired as the Web Content Manager for BOK Financial, the organization was shifting its focus from traditional advertising to digital marketing. With more marketing dollars moving online, BOK Financial needed a tool that could measure ROI for all of its digital messages.

At the same time, the company’s IT team was increasingly stretched thin to manage analytics with the responsibilities of server maintenance, operating system updates and reporting needs.

The Solution

BOK Financial upgraded from Analytics On Premises software to Analytics On Demand – a cloud-based solution providing unlimited data measurement across all digital channels. According to Aggus, the investment has paid dividends.

“We now measure everything – all advertising channels including email, pay per click, display ads, direct mail, pre-roll video and one of our latest efforts, Pandora,” said Aggus. “Webtrends has helped us to better understand which channels and messages are working.”

Aggus points to its marketing spend with Pandora to demonstrate the value of measurement. He says that the drill-down reports from Webtrends confirmed that the investment in this new channel was working effectively with high click-through rates. The company also used the data to determine that of the company’s advertising on Google’s two networks – pay per click and Google Display Network (GDN) – one of the options wasn’t showing a positive return.

“Our media agency was touting GDN, but Webtrends data showed us that the GDN leads were not converting,” said Aggus. “Without this data, you’re just guessing. We see exactly what’s happening.”

The Results

“Today we see all the data in one place and can quickly tell what is working and what isn’t without relying on data from our media vendor,” said Aggus of the company’s improved digital marketing efforts. “That helps us optimize our spending to focus on what works.”

The benefits of unlimited data and easy-to-use reporting tools go beyond marketing. BOK Financial uses Webtrends data to enhance its banks’ websites – optimizing specific pages for mobile, monitoring onsite searches for trends and making other design changes to improve customer experience.

Another positive result of the switch to On Demand comes in the form of relief. BOK Financial’s IT department has welcomed being less involved with analytics.

“We’ve taken such a load off our IT department,” said Aggus. “There’s no sleep lost over analytics anymore – it’s just one less thing to worry about.”