A/B and Multivariate Testing

More than a gut feeling.



Your website is a powerful representation of how you want your brand to be recognized. That’s why it’s important to take the guesswork out of designing and delivering digital content to your customers. Webtrends Optimize® is patented technology that will help you create the best site and customer experiences through testing – from the right color of a button to the ideal messaging and the most effective sales funnel – so that you can engage your customers and inspire them to take action.      

Key Capabilities

  • Expert services – strategy, creative and implementation
  • Comprehensive testing options (a/b/n, split and MVT)
  • Cross-channel support (web, mobile, email, social and ads)
  • Easy deployment (a single line of JavaScript, URLs or APIs)
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Powerful segmentation
  • Faster results with less traffic required
  • Testing across accounts and business units
  • Secure and private

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“The expertise and consultative approach of the Webtrends Optimize team enabled us to increase the number of online booking by 7.09 percent in three months. This increase had a significant impact on our results, allowing us to stay ahead of our competitors, offering our customers the best service possible.”

Nicola Arnese | Vice President of eCommerce, Alitalia


“The Webtrends platform can integrate with our other systems and that’s critical for us as we have multiple technologies working together to meet business needs.”

Michael Sheppard | Senior Program Manager of Experience Optimization, Microsoft


“We appreciate the flexibility Webtrends has offered to meet our specific and changing needs over the years. We review all of our vendor contracts each year to look for cost savings, competition and new ways to do things. We find that Webtrends is unbeatable year after year. There is so much value for the money.”

Begench Atayev | Director of Marketing, Identity Guard

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