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A customer is an individual. So why use macro or aggregate statistics that overlook individual behaviors? Although traditional aggregate data helps you guess at trends, audience segmentation can tell you what individuals are really doing, help you establish one-to-one customer relationships and create accurate, profitable marketing programs. 

Use Audience Segmentation from Webtrends to:

Drive segmented marketing campaigns.

When your travel app serves deals based on device location, do you know who converts and where they’re located? Segments lets you build actionable customer groups based on complete, multi-channel visitor profiles and offline data. Learn what drives each segment so that you can deliver the most relevant message in the most effective channel – email, advertising, content, SMS and more.

Audience Segmentation Key Benefits
Audience Segmentation Key Benefits

Uncover audience insights.

Do your checking account holders use your mobile app more than those with investments? Who contributes most to new revenue? Segments lets you explore your customer data at the visitor-level to uncover and understand that winning combination of attributes and behaviors of your customers across channels. Then put these insights to work with a user journey and content that speaks to your customers and encourages your desired actions.

Identify and foster brand evangelists.

Ensure your most valuable customers are participating in your word-of-mouth and viral campaigns. Segments can help you uncover these valuable users based on their behaviors, engagement level and total customer value. Once identified, nurture these users through campaigns and identify their common behaviors to build a customer journey designed to cultivate an army of dedicated brand loyalists.

Audience Segmentation Key Benefits
Audience Segmentation Key Benefits

Score leads and customers.

Scoring helps you to identify precise, behavior-based segments through directly comparable customers. Build one or more scoring rules with weighted values for each behavior or attribute so you can rank and compare customers to uncover who is highly engaged and ready to buy. With a combination of filters and scores, you can identify your best leads and customers, understand their common journeys, nurture them and find more people just like them.

Audience Segmentation Key Benefits

Remarket and personalize through real-time segmentation.

Use Webtrends Streams for in-the-moment segmentation that not only identifies form and cart abandoners but sends that customer data to your messaging or content partner for in-the-moment remarketing. Segments are created as interactions happen for each visitor so you can trigger remarketing messages based on any individual behavior or combination of behaviors as quickly as your messaging provider can send them. Offer a discount, send a reminder, restate your value and drive return visitors. Learn more about Streams.


Dedicated to being your trusted advisor, Webtrends can help you with:

  • Segmentation and scoring strategy: We can help you design a segmentation strategy that is aligned with the behavioral attributes and key life stages of your customers.
  • Implementation: Ensure online behavioral data collection is in place and the necessary offline data is integrated. With the correct scoring rules in place, learn how to discover, create and export segments for targeted marketing.
  • Segmented campaigns: We’ll work with you to architect a multi-channel approach that drives more effective digital campaigns by testing and targeting content and offers tailored by customer segment.
  • Integration with EDW and CRM: Our team can integrate your Webtrends visitor-level data and defined segments into your internal customer data initiatives, including enterprise data warehousing and CRM.
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