Behavioral Remarketing

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Marketers struggle with the huge percentage of missed opportunities online — specifically, the loss of customers who visit their websites but leave without buying or taking a desired action. But, when the customer gets the right message, at the right time, in the right place, the results are undeniable. Webtrends makes this happen by streaming in-the-moment, visitor-level customer data into your email service provider to send the most timely, relevant messages possible. 

Use Behavioral Remarketing from Webtrends to:

See customer interaction as it happens.

Yesterday, your customer searched for flights to Bali while sitting in London. Today, she’s browsing hotels in Las Vegas. With Webtrends Streams, you can see and understand the current browsing activity of a customer, so you know exactly what interests her at that very moment. Webtrends collects all browsing activity within the visitor session and makes that rich detail available for effective remarketing.

Behavioral Remarketing Key Benefits
Behavioral Remarketing Key Benefits

Turn abandoners into buyers.

Many shoppers browse multiple sites and add products to their carts but leave without purchasing. With Webtrends, cart abandonment activity can be captured the moment it occurs and integrated directly into your email service provider for immediate remarketing. The resulting sales captured from abandoners are incremental dollars for your business.

Deliver a timely welcome message with specific next steps.

When a new customer joins your rewards program, a simple welcome email not only makes him feel good, but guides him to the next step. Webtrends captures the details of the new sign-up and pushes it to your email service provider. The result is a more engaged member who knows what to do next.

Behavioral Remarketing Key Benefits
Behavioral Remarketing Key Benefits

Upsell additional products to your valued customers.

When a customer purchases a flight from your website, she’s likely to need a rental car as well. With a small window of time to re-engage her before she books with a competitor, Webtrends can immediately capture and send the pertinent customer trip details for remarketing. This highly relevant and timely email offers the best opportunity to bring her back for a second booking.

Behavioral Remarketing Key Benefits

Invite them back to complete an action.

It’s not just cart abandoners who are good targets for timely and relevant remarketing. Send a simple email to a user who starts but doesn’t complete an application or form. Webtrends makes this simple by capturing all the completed details from the form and ensuring that information is immediately sent to your email service provider. Re-engagement with form abandoners has been proven to increase the volume of completed online applications.

Dedicated to being your trusted advisor, Webtrends can help you with:

  • Data collection strategy: We can help you design a data collection approach that ensures the necessary information is being collected from you digital properties to inform your remarketing efforts.
  • Streams configuration: We offer configuration of Webtrends Streams and Webtrends Action Center to help you build the necessary segments required for remarketing.
  • ESP integration: Our experts can help you connect Webtrends Streams to ExactTarget, Silverpop or Responsys through our out-of-box connectors.
  • Universal connector configuration: Mapping Webtrends Streams to any remarketing application is easy with our universal file-based connector. Our experts can show you how.
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