Webtrends Streams

Key Features for Behavioral Remarketing

Webtrends Email Remarketing uniquely combines the power of Webtrends Streams with the connectivity of Webtrends Action Center. First, Streams collects and segments real-time online behaviors, then delivers the data to Webtrends Action Center where those defined visitor segments are pushed directly to your email service provider for immediate remarketing.

In-the-Moment Data Stream
  • Event data available within milliseconds
  • Data stream contains session, device and location context
  • Supports web, mobile, social and SharePoint channels
Full Visitor Sessions
  • Session view provides a window into each individual user’s session in real-time
  • Session details include all click events for a specific individual
  • Closed session indicators differentiate active from inactive sessions
Real-Time Segmentation
  • Powerful segment definition language
  • Real-time segments based on any criteria
  • Graphical visualizations help immediately validate segment definitions
Save Custom Segments for Remarketing
  • Defined segments can be saved for delivery to remarketing applications
  • Saved segment definitions can be edited on the fly
Manage Remarketing Connections
  • One or more remarketing connections available via Webtrends Action Center
  • Data stream can be turned on or off as needed
  • Remarketing event volumes per connection
Remarketing with any ESP
  • Universal connector for integrating with any email service provider
  • File-based integration method for passing remarketing events
  • Data delivery frequency and file formatting options
Remarketing with ExactTarget
  • Built-in connector to directly send remarketing events to ExactTarget
  • Built-in authentication for secure connection
  • ExactTarget data extension definition
  • Names, classification, data retention and table key are all configurable
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Remarketing with Silverpop
  • Built-in connector to directly send remarketing events to Silverpop
  • Refresh token enables secure connection to Silverpop pod
  • Silverpop Universal Behaviors and relational tables API
  • Event types for simple data mapping
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Remarketing with Responsys
  • Built-in connector to directly send remarketing events to Responsys
  • Responsysdialog for configuring connection
  • Trusted connection with valid certificate
  • Table and field mapping into Responsys tables
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