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Webtrends offers flexible data delivery options that make it easy for users of all skill levels to access the information they need in the systems of their choice. Across Webtrends products, data can be extracted, exported and delivered to another database, software platform or a simple file. Data Delivery offers opportunities for you to take on data management, complete complex analyses or even use real-time data feeds to create exceptional, automated data-driven marketing.

Use Data Delivery from Webtrends to:

View and leverage in-the-moment data streams.

View and leverage in-the-moment data streams.

How many customers are on your website right now and what are they doing? What about your mobile and social channels? Webtrends Streams lets you tap into the real-time stream of each user’s customer journey to keep your finger on the pulse of your brand interactions through visualizations and dashboards. You can also use Streams to feed your enterprise data warehouse or Big Data initiative as well as targeted marketing campaigns.

Make your marketing smarter.

It’s time for your monthly newsletter but which customers should receive which content? Webtrends Segments offers export options so you can create and push out personalized content based on complete customer profiles. Streams lets you cut out the middle man and establish in-the-moment, machine-to-machine data connections to send behavior-triggered, pre-segmented visitor-level data to your messaging or content partner.

Make your marketing smarter.
Take analysis offline.

Take analysis offline.

For data analysts, some analyses are better performed in Excel or another program. That’s why many Webtrends products make it easy to schedule exports, retrieve your files when you need them or even use APIs to query your data remotely. No matter how you want to dive into your data, the diverse data delivery options ensure that it’s always accessible.

Feed your data warehouse.

We know that your customers’ digital behaviors are only a portion of the interactions you capture. If your organization has built an enterprise data warehouse or Big Data architecture, Webtrends can feed these systems automatically with your customers’ multi-channel digital behavior data for a highly centralized view of your business.

Feed your data warehouse.

Dedicated to being your trusted advisor, Webtrends can help you with:

  • Data-driven marketing strategies: We’ll help you design a data strategy to ensure the correct digital behavioral data is being collected and accessible for use in your personalization, targeting and optimization initiatives.
  • Data visualizations and dashboards: Build custom and meaningful data visualization solutions such as dynamic Excel-based scorecards or interactive web-based dashboards that automate the ongoing reporting process. These interfaces offer a custom view into the performance of digital marketing initiatives while at the same time meeting the needs of analysts who want to dig deep into the data.
  • Internal EDW and CRM integration: Our team can integrate your Webtrends data with internal customer data initiatives, including enterprise data warehousing and CRM.
  • Marketing initiatives: We’ll help you connect your Webtrends real-time behavioral data to your marketing and remarketing applications to improve the precision of these initiatives.
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