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It’s critical to understand the real value of social within your marketing initiatives. It’s important not only because consumers are spending more time on social channels, but because they are also extremely engaged with both friends and brands, sharing activities and interests – often many times a day. Put your brand in the limelight by implementing a social measurement program to help you understand the success of acquisition, conversion and engagement initiatives.

Use Social Analytics from Webtrends to:

Measure what matters in social.

You need to know if your investments in YouTube and Facebook are paying off. Webtrends enables you to measure what matters across the major social channels and understand where your most valuable customers are coming from.

Social Analytics Key Benefits
Social Analytics Key Benefits

Get greater visibility into video engagement.

You’ve spent time and money on a video strategy, but is it working? Webtrends enables marketers to measure impression events, action events and progress events, so that you know exactly what kind of engagement you’re getting. Display this information in a single, consolidated view for videos embedded on your own site, as well as videos hosted on YouTube. The result is a clear picture of how your customers interact with your videos.

Determine the effectiveness of Facebook apps.

You want to know about the quality of traffic that clicks through to your Facebook app. Webtrends makes available the most comprehensive tracking and detailed metrics within opt-in custom Facebook applications. Capture a broad range of app-related interactions and other conversion-related activities.

Social Analytics Key Benefits

Get a handle on Twitter.

Some tweets strike the right chord with your followers and others miss the mark. Webtrends enables you to measure and understand the effectiveness of Twitter as a social engagement channel by integrating with the Twitter API. These key metrics give you the knowledge to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Social Analytics Key Benefits
Social Analytics Key Benefits

Monitor your Hootsuite activity.

Which social platform is providing the greatest return on engagement: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or Twitter? A partnership between Webtrends and Hootsuite allows you to automatically attribute social networks, social accounts and social messages to website and mobile site conversions. You’ll get an accurate and detailed breakdown of the impact social has on organizational and departmental objectives.

Dedicated to being your trusted advisor, Webtrends can help you with:

  • Social measurement strategy and operational processes: We can help you design a measurement strategy for your social and video assets and then develop processes for instrumenting and maintaining them over time.
  • Data and system integration: Create a complete view of your digital marketing performance by connecting external data sources to Webtrends data. This includes internal enterprise data warehouses, non-traditional data sources such as IVR and extended data from 3rd party services.
  • Reporting automation and Excel scorecards: We can set up Excel-based scorecards that integrate Webtrends data into dynamic business dashboards, providing a custom view into performance of digital marketing initiatives.
  • Ongoing analysis and insight: We are here to assist you with ongoing maintenance, optimization and usage of your Webtrends solutions including administration, data collection, custom reporting, data analysis and report interpretation, performance monitoring, troubleshooting and training. Just ask us how we can help!
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