Webtrends Social Analytics

Key Features

Webtrends Social Analytics brings together performance and engagement of your Facebook apps and pages, YouTube channels and Twitter accounts. Powered by Webtrends Analytics, your social performance is unified with the performance of all your other digital channels.

Social Channel Measurement
  • Facebook apps, Facebook pages, Twitter and YouTube, out-of-the-box
  • Social traffic sources
  • Hootsuite reporting
  • Social measurement unified with all digital channels for comparison
Consumable Insights
  • Consistent, easy-to-understand dashboards, reports and data visualizations
  • Shareable insights for the entire organization
Data Beyond the Tag
  • API integration for Facebook, YouTube and Twitter
  • Unified with Webtrends tagged data
Facebook Page/App Spaces
  • Facebook page measurement
  • Detailed metrics within opt-in custom Facebook applications
  • Out-of-box metrics and dimensions
  • Facebook API integration
Facebook Dashboards
  • Customizable Facebook app and page-specific dashboards
  • Key metrics, trends, demographics, geo maps, word clouds and more
  • Drill-throughs to connected Facebook reports
  • See dashboards in action
Facebook Reports
  • 60+ Facebook out-of-box reports
  • Unlimited custom reports
  • Roll-up reports across domains
YouTube Space
  • Out-of-box metrics and dimensions
  • Embedded and YouTube-hosted video tracking
  • Impression, action and progress events
  • YouTube API integration
YouTube Dashboards
  • Customizable YouTube-specific dashboards
  • Key metrics, traffic sources, playback locations, top videos, onsite countries
  • Drill-throughs to connected YouTube reports
  • See dashboards in action
YouTube Reports
  • 40+ YouTube out-of-box reports
  • Unlimited custom reports
  • Roll-up reports across domains
Twitter Space
  • Comprehensive twitter dashboard with drilldown reporting
  • Full tweet and reply messages
  • Tweet and retweet activity
  • Most engaging tweets through historical and trending reports
  • Twitter API integration
  • See dashboards in action
Ad-Hoc Data Exploration
  • Unlimited dimensions
  • No processing time
  • Dynamic, on-the-fly segmentation
  • Create, save and share custom views, measures and segments
  • Learn more
Data Export
  • PDF, Word, Excel and CSV formatted report and summary exports
  • Scheduled export delivery via SFTP, email or HTTPS REST
  • Export years of data

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