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As the most rapidly emerging digital marketing channel, the old rules don’t apply to mobile, but the need for analytics is as important as ever. A recent report by the Aberdeen Group found companies using mobile analytics saw an 11.6 percent increase in brand awareness while those without a mobile-specific analytics strategy had a 12.9 percent decrease. Let Webtrends get you on the right path to quality measurement and successful optimization.

Use Mobile Analytics from Webtrends to:

Understand the ROI of mobile marketing investments.

It’s easy to count app downloads, but how do you know what else to measure to understand engagement? Webtrends measures all the important mobile metrics across mobile websites, mobile app platforms and different mobile form factors. This provides the insight you need to determine how mobile really contributes to your bottom line.

Understand the ROI of mobile marketing investments.
Measure what matters.

Measure what matters.

Know exactly how the first version of your new mobile app is being used so that you can prioritize investments in the next version. Webtrends enables you to measure what matters in mobile and understand usage patterns of mobile apps. The result is a clear understanding of mobile app engagement so that you can make data-driven decisions.

Perform adhoc investigative analysis of mobile activity.

If iOS users begin mysteriously abandoning carts at a rapid rate, you need to find the cause. The ability to explore and interact with your digital data in an ad-hoc fashion and follow analysis paths to an unlimited depth provides analysts and marketers with incredible power.

Optimize your mobile campaigns.

You’ve launched a new mobile campaign because you know your customers are performing their pre-purchase research on mobile. Ensure that your mobile campaigns are working by tracking conversion and sales data generated through the mobile channel and comparing it to other channels. Then take action to drive increased transactions for your campaigns.

Optimize your mobile campaigns.
Understand the role of mobile in your customer journey.

Understand the role of mobile in your customer journey.

Be confident that the experience is consistent for a customer who books a flight on a desktop and later looks up the confirmation email on mobile at the airport. Webtrends enables you to measure and compare all digital channels in a unified way in order to understand the multi-channel behaviors of customers. With this information, you can optimize the experience across the entire customer journey.

Dedicated to being your trusted advisor, Webtrends can help you with:

  • Digital Measurement Strategy and Operational Processes: We can help you design a multi-channel digital measurement strategy and then develop processes for tagging various digital assets and maintaining them over time.
  • Corporate Data Governance: Let’s work together to ensure consistent data collection across your entire business ecosystem, i.e. business groups, agencies, tech partners, vendors, etc., for the best adoption of measurement and reporting processes, consistency in data collection and accuracy of the data.
  • Data and System Integration: Create a complete view of your digital marketing performance by connecting external data sources to Webtrends data. This includes internal enterprise data warehouses, non-traditional data sources such as IVR and
    extended data from 3rd party services.
  • Reporting Automation and Excel Scorecards: Set up Excel-based scorecards that integrate Webtrends data into dynamic business dashboards, providing a custom view into the performance of digital marketing initiatives.
  • Ongoing analysis and Insight: We are here to assist you with ongoing maintenance, optimization and usage of your Webtrends solutions including administration, data collection, custom reporting, data analysis and report interpretation, performance monitoring, troubleshooting and training. Just ask us how we can help!
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