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The cross-channel digital journey of the always-connected consumer has become increasingly difficult to understand. But it’s more important than ever for marketers to see the journey clearly and know how to connect with consumers at every touch point. Analytics and measurement are the foundation of a good digital marketing strategy.

Use Analytics from Webtrends to:

Measure marketing performance and justify ROI.

When your credit card application rates drop and the latest social campaign doesn’t hit the mark, do you know why? Understand immediately if your marketing campaigns are working by measuring results on your website, mobile, social and other channels. Reveal important insights through comprehensive reporting so that you can create the optimal marketing mix for your brand.

Measure marketing performance and justify ROI.
Connect the dots across digital channels.

Connect the dots across digital channels.

When a traveler books a vacation from his desktop, do you know if he began the search from a mobile device? And does Twitter drive quality traffic to your site? Webtrends provides a unified place for all your multi-channel analysis and reporting so that you can see exactly how your customers interact with your brand throughout their journeys.

Perform ad hoc investigative analysis.

If your website traffic experiences an unexpected spike from an unknown source or iOS users begin mysteriously abandoning carts at a rapid rate, you need to find the cause. The ability to explore and interact with your digital data in an ad-hoc fashion and follow analysis paths to an unlimited depth provides analysts and marketers with incredible power.

Integrate digital customer data into your marketing ecosystem.

Sales increase for financial institutions when higher quality leads are sent to branches and resellers. With Webtrends, you can combine online behaviors with offline transactions for a comprehensive understanding of your customers. Data is extracted and delivered to your marketing database via extensive APIs and file-based integration methods.

Integrate digital customer data into your marketing ecosystem.
Put analytics insights directly in the hands of marketers.

Put analytics insights directly in the hands of marketers.

Marketers want to quantify campaign results, measure site performance and review app downloads with ease. Digital Analytics provides highly visual and customizable dashboards that are easy for marketing teams to access and understand along with data exploration tools that any marketer can use. The result is an efficient, informed and data-driven marketing organization.

Dedicated to being your trusted advisor, Webtrends can help you with:

  • Digital measurement strategy and operational processes: We can help you design a multi-channel digital measurement strategy and then develop processes for tagging various digital assets and maintaining them over time.
  • Corporate data governance: Let’s work together to ensure consistent data collection across your entire business ecosystem, i.e. business groups, agencies, tech partners, vendors, etc., for the best adoption of measurement and reporting processes, consistency in data collection and accuracy of the data.
  • Data and system integration: Create a complete view of your digital marketing performance by connecting external data sources to Webtrends data. This includes internal enterprise data warehouses, non-traditional data sources such as IVR and extended data from 3rd party services.
  • Reporting automation and Excel scorecards: We can set up Excel-based scorecards that integrate Webtrends data into dynamic business dashboards, providing a custom view into performance of digital marketing initiatives.
  • Ongoing analysis and insight: We are here to assist you with ongoing maintenance, optimization and usage of your Webtrends solutions including administration, data collection, custom reporting, data analysis and report interpretation, performance monitoring, troubleshooting and training. Just ask us how we can help!
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