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The Connected Consumer

A recent report from Vivaldi Partners classifies the ‘always on’ consumer as someone who has Internet access via three or more devices, goes online multiple times per day and accesses the Internet from at least three separate locations. While this sounds like a dream for marketers in terms of consumer accessibility, it actually makes their […]

Your website test was inconclusive – now what?

As more and more companies implement testing programs to determine optimal website content for their customers, it’s important to understand that all tests are valuable – even the ones that don’t appear so. In a recent article on Business2Community , I explain why inconclusive tests happen and why they aren’t cause for frustration. Read the […]

SharePoint: Turning RO-Why into ROI

Many organizations use SharePoint as a one-stop shop for company collaboration, information and communication. As with any IT investment, the return must justify the expense and effort. However, most companies fail to treat it as a targeted communications solution and, rather than researching, measuring and tailoring the content to their users, SharePoint becomes a conglomerate […]

The Power of Optimize

Recently, I spoke to a group of statisticians at the Joint Research Conference in Seattle about website testing. During the presentation, I explained the complex technology that underpins Optimize, our testing solution, but also highlighted the fact that we developed it to be used by marketers, not statisticians. It’s designed to let marketers run tests […]

Webtrends Blog

How to Plan Your Data Strategy

Data is a funny thing. Everyone uses data to drive their decisions and everyone wants more. Typically, the thinking is, the more the better, the more you have the more likely you’ll reach the best decisions and outcomes. But that’s not necessarily true. There is an art to data. You don’t want to capture every […]

SharePoint Blog

Assessing and boosting the success of SharePoint

You want to get the most out of your SharePoint deployment – including accomplishing certain tasks, simplifying and streamlining others, and avoiding operational headaches and costs. SharePoint can solve many problems, but how do you know if it’s really working? Below are the top five success metrics to determine whether SharePoint is meeting your organization’s […]

A Perfect Fit: Mindjet, Agile Marketing and Optimization

Believing strongly in Agile Marketing is part of the reason why I’ve devoted the last six years of my career to consulting with clients on how to better test their sites and optimize their marketing. Recently, I’ve been working closely with Mindjet, an innovation management software company. The marketing team at Mindjet embraces the Agile […]

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