Digital Analytics

Knowledge is power.

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It’s time to truly understand your customers – to see the complete picture of how they interact with your brand across any digital channel at any time – and to see those insights in one place. You’ll open the door to powerful marketing opportunities, better experiences for your customers and simply better business for your company. Use Digital Analytics to turn knowledge into power.

Key Capabilities

  •  Unlimited data collection
  •  Multi-channel measurement across social, mobile, web and SharePoint
  •  Configurable digital dashboards
  •  Standard and customized analytics reporting
  •  Extensive data export
  •  Custom and calculated metrics
  •  Ad-hoc data exploration to unlimited dimensions

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"The Webtrends apps we’ve deployed have been key in our overall goal to drive interest in our original editorial and video content. And, because Webtrends apps are extremely engaging and fully branded they enable us to extend the reach of our content franchises into the social worlds of our fans."

Mark Challinor | Director of Mobile & Interactive Services, UK Telegraph Media Group

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"After seeing what Webtrends Analytics could do for us in terms of the granularity of data and the ease of reporting, it was a great time to make a switch."

Jenni Kirkruff | Manager of Online Experience, Pentagon Federal Credit Union

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"Webtrends Analytics provides answers to the questions we need to continually ask ourselves to better understand and serve our customers online."

Craig Hepburn | Global Webmaster, STA Travel

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