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Backstage Access: Behind the Scenes of a Digital Marketing Department

Backstage Access

We all know the drill. We marketers hold meetings to analyze data in our target demographic, and make guesses about what strategy will be most engaging for our audience. We kick around some ideas, test some theories, draft hypotheses and nail down who’s responsible for bringing the donuts to the next meeting. Not to simplify the challenges of a modern day digital marketer, but at the end of the day it all comes down to experimentation. What time is optimal to send that email? Let’s consult Google. What are social media best practices, and how do I get people to engage with my content? Let’s download that social strategy white paper. How do I get more people to click on my side bar CTA? Let’s try some different page layouts and measure the results. However we get there, whether it’s through careful measurement or pure luck, we’re all struggling with the same issues as marketers: How do we engage our audience, amid all the competing chatter, in order to make our solutions stand out?

That’s where the Backstage Access campaign enters (stage right).

Backstage Access was born of Webtrends’ love for all things data. We love to share campaign results internally and sometimes marvel at interesting data points. Basically, we’re nerds about analyzing and improving. So why keep these insights to ourselves? We know you’re working on the same problems we are, so let’s join forces.

Our objectives behind the Backstage Access campaign are simple:

1. To become better marketers by holding ourselves accountable for regular testing, tweaking, and improving.

2. Share the results with our fellow marketing community.

So that’s what we’re doing – sharing the results of our tactics with you. Being as transparent as possible. Giving you behind-the-scenes access to our marketing efforts, the resources they require and specific results. We’re opening the curtain to our internal marketing department.

As a company whose main business is B2B digital marketing solutions, we have all of these resources at our fingertips. Right here in our offices are people who are passionate about site data, social media, optimization, digital ads, and how measurement of these things can increase results. (Also more than a few who are passionate about donuts.) So we tapped them – called in our A team of people who do this for our clients every day. We asked what we could be doing to share these results with other digital marketers who might want to know. In essence, we’re sharing our inner workings with you in the hopes that it might help us all reach marketing rock star status. Whether that’s through sharing successes you can use, or seeing something that we tried and failed at so you don’t have to, the message is this: we have the same goals. Market, measure, learn, then do it better. Let’s do this together.

What can you expect from this campaign?

  • Weekly updates on what we’re testing and completed test results. We’ll share our goals, resources involved, and results.
  • Voting, comments, interaction. We want to tap your expertise too!
  • 100% transparent results. Success or failure, we’ll give you our data and what we learned.

Ready for your curtain call? Take a look at what’s already been completed and what we’re testing now. Cue Backstage Access.

One response to “Backstage Access: Behind the Scenes of a Digital Marketing Department

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